And so it begins…

For the last year or so I have been on quite a roller coaster with my weight.  Right now, I am at the highest weight I have ever been at. And I don’t like it. I’ve tried exercising, and all kinds of diets under the sun. I know it may not seem accurate for me to be so utterly upset with my weight that I am to the point of extreme measures, but the way I see it is if I don’t get on it now, where will my weight get to next? 275? 300? Then I will really be up shit creek with no paddle. I am to the point of researching bariatric surgery and extreme dieting. Before I go forth with any kind of invasive procedures, I’ve decided to try a less extreme way with a 64 day juice cleanse. This blog is going to consist of my journey throughout my process and my successes and failures. I want to be 100% open and honest about every bit, and hopefully by the end of my 2ish months I will have a true success story that will end up helping others in their journeys. I plan on posting recipes that I like, and don’t like. Pictures of my progress, if any, each week. Tips, guides, anything that I think will help someone else to succeed. I will caution with this: This is my FIRST cleanse of ANY kind. I found it after perusing on the internet for a few hours, and it seems to be the best solution. So…here we go?

I have read that it is best to ease your way into it. Today is Wednesday, I plan on having a large salad tonight consisiting of leafy greens (spinach, romaine, iceburg…), tomatoes (fresh from the garden), mushrooms (store bought), cut up carrots (store bought), and onions (store bought). I haven’t decided on my dressing just yet but I imagine it will be something light. I plan on adding a grilled chicken breast to my salad as well.

I have also read that it is best to use a laxative herbal tea and to drink this before bed, this way you are detoxifying your body of any “bad stuff”, and especially with all the raw fruits and veggies and no fiber your body will be grateful for any extra help it can get in the bathroom ;).

My breakfast tomorrow is planned out so far as a fruit smoothie consisiting of 1 banana, handful of strawberries, and 1 cup of light vanilla soy milk.

If I can hold out til lunch I think I might manage another nice large salad, and for dinner perhaps grilled tilapia with some sort of veggie.

As the days go by I hope to ease into making another smoothie concoction in the veggie department for lunch, as well as for dinner. By Sunday I hope to be on a complete liquid diet.

I am lucky enought to have parents with half an acre of garden, and my fair share of whatever I’d like.  I plan on freezing most of my spoils, and this way being able to make everything last as long as possible.

I’ve read that I should be consuming 32-64 oz of juice a day, as well as at least 8, 8 fl. oz. glasses of ice cold water a day.
I want to make a REAL effort at this. I went as far as to make a blog! I mean come on, I’ve never blogged about anything!

Wish me luck…anyone?


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