Day 3…

I’m going to start out by saying that I have officially scared myself from doing the juice cleanse. Unless I become some kind of mad scientist before Sunday, I have no idea what I’m going to do. I made a juice, if you will, today and it was TERRIBLE. It was called a “pink lemonade”. It consisted of 1 whole grapefruit peeled, 1/2 a lemon peeled and seeded, and a hand full of strawberries. Dis-gust-ing. I added 3 packets of Sun Crystals which are 5 cals each, and a couple of ice cubes and the “drink” became bearable. I filled a glass and choked it down. So glad that is over with. I now know that if I want my drinks to be at all consumable I will need to have the veggies/fruits refrigerated at the very least.

And that is how my day started…

Last night however, wasn’t so bad, but it did not go as planned. In stead of my planned pasta primivera I instead went for whole grain penne, with a meat sauce. I chose ground beef (not the leanest, but I am trying to use up what I’ve got in the fridge/freezer), some of my mom’s stewed tomatoes, and a bit of traditional tomato sauce. It was simple and filling.

I FORGOT my “laxative tea” so again my goal will be to drink that before bed tonight. We’ll see…

After this morning’s fiasco, I braved it out to lunchtime where I got to enjoy a delicious home made by my sister in law, crab bisque, at 204 cals a serving! My favorite part about it was that it had a kick and needed NO SALT! (I’m an admitted salt fiend) so that is an accomplishment. I have asked her for the recipe, so I’ll put it up once I receive it. Next she’s made hot sausage/zucchini soup for me. Can’t wait to try it!
My dinner plan is not quite set yet for tonight. It’s Friday, which scares me a little. Weekends are my hardest times during a diet. I need to learn how to moderate better and to stay away from the high fatty foods! It’s just easier to pick up a burger when I’m running around and shopping. Hopefully I can stick to it! I’m babysitting for the majority of the day tomorrow, so at least that will keep me away from bad foods, for the most part. I sound like a drug addict…

I’m going to try to keep a plan for all of my meals for the weekend so that I don’t stray from the diet too terribly. UGH.


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