Hi there…

So about that whole juice diet…no bueno. It’s been a few months since I last updated, and since updating I ballooned up to about 253 pounds. Then, in October of 2011 I joined Weight Watchers and have since lost 25 lbs, as of Wednesday last week. We’ll see tomorrow if I’ve lost anymore. I realized that I’m just not responsible enough to lose weight by myself. I NEED to be held accountable for my actions and I NEED to track everything I do.

Basically, I’m a child when it comes to feeding myself…

The plus sides to joining WW:

1. Obviously, weight loss is number one. I’ve tried countless diets in the past, but I’ve never gotten significant long lasting loss from them because they were all so hardcore. Which brings me to numero dos.

2. I’M NEVER STARVING! I can eat WHATEVER, WHENEVER I WANT. I know, I know that sounds ludicrous. Trust me, I’m not being endorsed by WW to say this, I’m not trying to lure you in with hopes that you’ll use my name to get me a discount (because that won’t happen). I’m being dead honest. Sure, there are points where I could REALLY go for a cheeseburger. A nice juicy, greasy, cheesy, saucy Big Mac (only 13 points btw). And I COULD have that Big Mac, but through WW I’ve learned to make the right decisions. When I want “bad” food, I have it. But I also take accountability for it and eat right from there on out.

3. Learning accountability. With WW I’ve learned that if I have a crazy weekend, which for me nowadays means eating a giant slice of chocolate cake, 3 sushi rolls, ice cream, beef stew, mom’s spaghetti, cheesecake, and chinese food, that I must keep track of it, calculate up the points, and go from there. I went -59 points last weekend. That means I ate ALL of my daily 38 points a day, plus my BONUS 49 points for the week, and then had an extra 59 points on top of that. Can you say gross? Don’t. Because once I realized what I’d done I was able to then go work it all off by walking at the park, and hitting up the gym Monday and Tuesday, and still lost 1.2 lbs on Wednesday. Holler!

4. It’s a brand new life(style). You know how everytime you tell people you’re on a “diet” they say “Don’t diet, make it a lifestyle change!” Or some bullshit like that? I used to scoff in the face of lifestyle changes when it came to my eating habits. I always thought “psh, whatevs. I’m gonna work off this 25 lbs and then eat whatever I want.” Um, no. You cannot think that way! I thought it was absolutely impossible to change my lifestyle for ever. I know I’ve only been doing this for about 14 weeks, but I am telling you my life will never be the same again. Whenever I eat now I count and point and track everything I consume. If I go for that bag of chips I ONLY eat the serving size. I count every chip that goes into my mouth without even realizing it, and I put them away when I’ve reached the serving amount. I rarely go for seconds anymore, unless it’s such a healthy meal that it really won’t hurt to do so, but even then I’m usually too full to even get one.

5. My name is Jessica, and I USED to be a salt junky. Notice how I said “used to be”? If you know me, you’d know I am a sodium fiend! I covered everything I ate in salt. I would eat it directly from the shaker. If I had a beer (which btw is 4 points for a light one…) I also had a container of salt with it. I’d put salt on top of salt. Seriously, nothing could have enough flavor for me. I knew it was an awful habit and I heard so much shit for it. But I truly believed, or made up excuses for myself, that my body was sodium deficient and that is why I needed it so desperately. And dieting without salt? EFF THAT. It was entirely pointless for me to have a lean cusine or a Smart Ones because I was dousing them in salt anyway. Salt not only makes your body retain a shit ton of water, but it’s terrrrrrible for your heart. Just google it, because I’m not trying to go into a long ass shpeal about how disgusting sodium can be (in large amounts).

6. I am so much happier with myself. I no longer dread family events or outings. I don’t dread meeting new people. I don’t avoid mirrors. I feel good every morning when I wake up and no longer having a problem with the alarm going off. (ok, that’s not entirely true, but it’s a LOT easier to wake up than it ever has been) I just feel so great and people tell me all the time now what a difference it has made in my personality.

7. Food does not rule my life anymore. Food used to be my best friend and worst enemy. All I ever did was think about food. When I could eat it, how I could eat it, what it was going to taste like, how much I could have. As soon as a meal was over I was dreaming about the next. Food was the best way to celebrate every accomplishment. Not even just for me but everyone. Meeting up with my friends meant always going out to eat for lunch or dinner. Now it’s changed to having friends come over for a healthy lunch and then going for a walk afterwards. I’m conscious of everything I eat now whether it’s bad or good, but it doesn’t rule my life.

There are hundreds of plus sides to joining weight watchers. It truly is a whole new lifestyle and such a great one at that. I’ve talked several of my friends into doing it, and have even gotten my amazingly supportive boyfriend to join with me as well. My two good friends also joined at the same time as me, and now even the people I work for have joined. It’s so great having the people around me joining in on a healthy lifestyle because it makes it that much easier. When people see how successful you are and how easy it truly is they can’t afford not to join. Sure, it’s $40 bucks a month to attend meetings, but that’s a hell of a lot cheaper than therapy for being so utterly depressed about your weight while still shoving $20 bucks worth of shit food in your mouth every meal. In just 14 weeks I’ve lost 25 lbs (hopefully a little more by tomorrow) and it just keeps getting better.

For the first time in years I’m truly looking forward to Summer time. I can’t wait to wear a pair of shorts and a tank top and feel amazing. I can’t wait to wear a bikini and not feel like a beached whale! WW has truly set me free. How can I not brag incessantly about it?


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