It’s been a long time…

2 months, and 12 days to be exact. What’s new?

I started running since we’ve last spoken, and has it done wonders for my body! I feel like I’ve put myself inside of a zip lock back and pressure sealed myself. I have no idea how else to explain it besides making this weird suck face and it’s just impossible to articulate this in any other way. No, I am not a size 0, I do not have a flat stomach, and believe me, my boobs are still smacking me in the face. However, running has changed my life. A few weeks ago my best friend Brittany got me to run with her. She’s run about 100 5ks, 10ks, 10 milers, and 3 half marathons. THAT’s 13+ MILES PEOPLE. Brittany is planning her FIRST marathon this November 18 (woot!). Seeing how fabulous a runner Brittany is, I had to see what it was all about. She gave me the key to the castle of running. Her own words of wisdom. Now, what I’m about to tell you is not exactly impossible to figure out, but there’s quite a few people (some I know personally, one of them who used to be me) who swear up and down that they can’t run. Trust me, I know how ya feel sista. I never thought in a trillion billion years I’d ever be running. These words of wisdom, or WOW as we will now refer to them as, have me running 4 miles straight 3-4 days a week. Thats in the past 2 months and 12 days. Are you ready?

WOW= Find yourself a pace you could go at all day long. Even if it’s barely lifting your feet up off the ground, just do it. Clock your first mile, even if it’s a 30 minute one. Once you find the speed you can go at comfortably for that one mile, you’ll be going two, and then three, and then who knows? It took me about a week to be able to run a full mile without stopping, and then another week for two, and then three for three miles. Not bad. I just started at four, and it’s tough, but it’s amazing.The other important thing to remember, is only to run every other day. Running every day will wear you out and you’ll be sore as a m-fer. Running makes you feel alive, and when it’s over you feel this sense of empowerment like you can do anything. Even if it’s just one mile. It’s such a huge accomplishment for me. So if you’ve been doubting yourself or truly believe you HATE running even though you’ve never given it a serious try, do it!


Well, two weeks ago I was down 4.4 lbs…last week I was up 2 lbs…The last time I updated, I was down a total of 29.6 lbs. I am now down a total of 41 lbs. Would’ve been 43 BUT WHO’S COUNTING?

Last week came raught with bloody mary’s, cheeseburgers, carbs, more alcohol, more carbs…and more carbs. No wonder I gained, right? Seeing my weight rise jump started me back into Tracking mode. I did go out this weekend and have two bloody mary’s and nibbled on an Appetizer Sampler from Applebees, but the key word there was nibbled. I pointed. I’ve exercised. I’ve stayed on track everywhere else. Tomorrow is my next weigh in, so I’m hoping for a significant loss. I’ll be jumping on a plane to FL in the AM, so I will have to find a WW cult meeting once I arrive to weigh in. I’m terrified. Not only will I miss my regular 9:30am weigh in, I’m going to be in two different air ports (due to a lay over), around countless coffee stands, and all the snacks I could ever want, and not be able to eat or drink a god damned thing. I MAY end up having a coffee because I truly just don’t think I could survive two plane rides in such a short amount of time without some kind of caffeine. We will see…I just like weighing in without any thing in my body. I have my morning poop and I go weigh in with my packed PBandJ ready for after, so tomorrow is kind of fucking that whole routine up. I will manage, and hopefully I will lose. If not, then the bloody mary’s I plan on having all day long poolside just will not taste as good. (Just kidding, they’ll still be amazing but not as rewarding).

P.S. Another “new” the has happened since we last spoke…I’m down from a size 42 EEE, to a 38 DD!!! How crazy is that? ;)


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