Well, well, well…

Since our last little rendezvous, I have lost 4.6 pounds. Can you friggin believe it? Neither can I…
I went to Florida last week with the best intentions…to drink and eat as much as possible. I succeeded in half of that, but was surprisingly not so bad in the eating department. I fulfilled my drinking requirements, believe you me. But I was very conscious of my food intake. I allowed one fast food splurge (only because it was a Zaxbys and they don’t have those up north in lil’ old Delaware!) and I had one Reuben sandwich, that I did split in half and save for later. The rest of the time it was salads and subway. I even worked out each day I was there! Not kidding!
Backing up a little bit, we ended up missing our flight on the way down. Remember how I was worried about all the airport food and coffee and all that, due to our layover and what not? Well we ended up having a total of 10 hours in the airport/plane, and another 2 hours traveling to our actual destination by car. I managed, however, with a low fat parfait for breakfast, and a Caesar salad for lunch (and two bloody Mary’s).
Once we arrived it was 6pm and far too late to hit up a weight watchers, so the next morning my mom and I got up and went to find one (which is coincidentally when I found Zaxby’s, don’t worry though I didn’t have that until the next day). Once we got to WW I realized I had no way of proving I was a member because I’d left my book at home, but I was able to look up my membership number and all was good. However, when they told me my weight I was so angry because I thought I’d gained .2 lbs, and in actuality I had lost .2, because I’d forgotten what it said in my weight tracker. Needless to say I was pretty bummed. I went the rest of the day doing okay, and the next day I got my Aunt Flow and I wasn’t so bummed about the “weight gain” any longer. But then I stepped on the scale and it said I was 7 lbs heavier than the day before. See: Why You Should Never Weigh Yourself . The rest of the trip was great, minus a few minor set backs, and then Sunday was our drive home. (my mom is friends with the lady whose condo we stay at and she gets paid to fly down and have a mini vacation with all expenses paid for, including mine, to drive the woman’s car to or from florida). On our drive home we did well, stopping for subway for lunch, but then waffle house for dinner.
To defend ourselves, we literally searched from 7pm-10pm for somewhere decent to stop at and there was nothing but fast food!!! We were literally 20 mins from home when we found waffle house and we were just so hungry we stopped.
I was so grateful to be home and welcomed by my very missed boyfriend and my 3 little dogs that I just didn’t care about anything. However, I got my shit together and went to work the next day, and managed to eat well the next two days and drink tons of water. By Wednesday Aunt Flow had said her good byes and I was off to weight watchers. I was completely flabbergasted when the lady weighing me said a loss of 4.6! (I swear these women are angels) I just couldn’t believe it. I’d been struggling the last couple of weeks with a gain, a huge loss, a gain, a small loss, and now another big loss!
I’m once again motivated as I was beginning to become slightly hopeless, only slightly, and I am back in my groove. Since being home I’ve run twice and I plan to again tomorrow morning. I even got my sister in law to join me yesterday and she was able to keep up! It was her very first time running so go Alicia!
I don’t have any big plans for the weekend. Joey has a football game tomorrow and a show tomorrow night. I’m forcing him to go to weigh in before anything else because he hasn’t been in probably 3 weeks or more.
I also have just finished my last semester at Delaware Technical & Community College and I will be graduating with an Associate’s degree on May 16th and I could not be more excited and relieved. I’m still waiting on my (hopefully) acceptance letter from UD and I plan to attend in the fall.
Lots of ups (with amazing downs ;) ) lately, hopefully I’ll be singing the same tune the next time we meet!


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