Dun, dun, dun…

Well what did I tell ya? I gained! 1.8 lbs ugh! As I said before, however, I KNOW why I gained, so I can’t really make up too many excuses for it. I honestly was surprised as shit, but whatever it is what it is. I didn’t help matters by having sushi last night for dinner, which is how we spend almost every Wednesday night, but it did make me feel better. Until this morning. Why do I do this to myself? Why can’t I just say no and mean it when it comes to food? Whatever. I started this day off to a better start with egg whites, peach activia, and a nice big glass of water for now. I plan to have two skinny chimichangas (weight watchers recipe) for lunch, and top it off with a salad for dinner or something relatively healthy at California Pizza Kitchen. Side note: Tonight is my BFF Brittany’s nursing pinning ceremony! I cannot wait to celebrate with her :) She is so amazing and I am so friggin proud of her for finishing her degree! :) See you tonight, betch ;)

Other then my atrocious gain, I have been feeling sort of eh. I’m tired, I feel weak, I feel lazy, and I just feel over all blah. I don’t really know what’s up with it. After talking with Brittany about it today I wonder if it’s due to my time at Deltech coming to an end. I no longer have any stress (for now) school wise, I don’t have any papers or projects due, no oral presentations to sweat through, just my summer to look forward to. Last year at this time I was getting ready to take another semester in the Summer (which I ended up failing 2/3 of my classes. FML) and I was incredibly overweight. I’m not worried about school, I’m not worried about looking good in a bathing suit. Well, okay. I am. But not nearly as much as I worried last year. I’m just relaxed, FOR ONCE. I feel great. I feel relief, finally. With that being said, I think all of my exhaustion from the worry and stress of the last few months is suddenly piling on and I just want nothing more than to lay down and sleep everyday all day. Who knows? Hopefully I see better numbers on the scale next weigh in and that I continue to work out. However, I don’t have an open slot for a good run until Saturday, so I will just have to live with that. :(

As far as the rest of my life there is no real new news. See you next week with a very hopeful LOSS.


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