Watching my Weight

Not a very tantalizing subject line, but I’m fresh out of ideas! So where were we? I was on a kind of high the last time we met, almost two weeks ago, due to a significant drop in weight after months of losing and gaining the same two pounds. I’ve continued pointing to my hearts content and it seems to still be paying off quite well. Last week there wasn’t much of a loss, but a loss nonetheless. I was down .6 lbs, and that’s better than up .6lbs!

After weigh in last week I managed to continue to stay on track and am hopeful for another good weigh in this Wednesday. Joey and I have been staying on plan by planning our meals every week, and shopping for the appropriate ingredients. BJ’s wholesale club is a HUGE help in this department because we’re able to buy lean meats in bulk, so we may only have to buy meats once a month or less. This way, our grocery shopping is only for vegetables/dairy and some miscellaneous canned goods we may need. It’s completely saved us on the grocery budget, and Weight Watcher’s pretty much pays for itself this way.

This weeks meals are all Weight Watchers recipes. Tonight is Chili beef tacos, 2 for 8 points. Last night’s meal was Perfectly Barbecued Chicken, 3 points. We had brussels sprouts and a spinach salad to go with it. So yum! The rest of the weeks meals include Cheesy Chili Mac, Chicken Cordon Bleu, Chicken and Dumplings, and Mexican Beef over Polenta. The good thing about it being just Joey and I in the house is that all of these meals make at least 4 servings, so we always have lunch the next day. We also have a decent amount of meals frozen from the larger serving recipes. ANOTHER plus about doing this is we are not just cooking the same things over and over again. It’s something new every single night. It’s really awesome and cuts down on the “wondering what we’re gonna have tonight” neverending story. It also cuts down BIG time on over eating, snacking, and eating out. We used to eat out 2-3 times a week with the weekends and all, and now it’s maybe one night a week for sushi. (We can’t go much over a week without our Sushi fix).

Sadly, but also not sadly, I’m starting school again today and will be in class four nights a week (Mon-Thurs), and I also work full time. Now meal preparations will be up to Joey. I’ve helped him out today by setting out all the necessary ingredients and taking out the ground beef to thaw. This one is definitely an easy recipe, so hopefully he can manage ;). Friday nights dinner I was going to be in charge of, which is the Chicken and Dumplings, but now I’ve volunteered to babysit. So perhaps I’ll be having a saved frozen dinner, and saving the chicken and dumplings for Saturday or Sunday night dinner.

Now that I’ve made you all (yea right…noone!) very hungry, I’m gonna get to gettin’ and continue sippin’ on my water and losing weight!

I’ll try to update on Wednesday what my weigh in was. :)


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