Progress Outside of the Scale

ERGH! I just wrote up a LONG post about my progress that I learned about this weekend, AND IT DELETED! So, I will start over, however I don’t think I have it in my to write another long post!

First and foremost, NEW READERS! WOOHOO! I have noticed an increase in traffic these last couple weeks and I definitely appreciate it! So, thank you readers! I hope you have been enjoying reading about my weight loss journey, and I hope my experience can help you in some way! Keep reading :)

Now, on to the post… One of my largest regrets since embarking on this weight loss journey has been that I never took measurements in the beginning, or before photos. I had always meant to, but just never got around to it. It took me 6 months to buy a measuring strip, and another 4 to even take them. Well, back in August, Joey and I finally got around to it. We did the measurements on August 4th, along with taking before shots. Last night we decided to check our measurements and to take progress shots. We are down a whopping 21 inches! I lost a total of 14 inches! (and a total of 10 lbs from August to September) Joey was down 7 inches, and his before shots to now show an INCREDIBLE difference, especially in the stomach and jawline. It’s astonishing to see such dramatic differences from last month to now, and it makes me sorely regret never doing this in the beginning, but what can ya do? I am unbelievably proud of Joey and myself for getting our shit together at the beginning of August, after almost two months of being kind of blaze about our weight loss.

Also this weekend, I definitely got a lesson in tracking and pointing. Even if you’re not on weight watchers, I have to encourage you to just simply write down everything you eat/drink (besides water). It keeps you accountable for your actions, and also provides some encouragement. I learned this after I got to 2pm on Sunday with a total of 2 points left for the whole day! WHAT THE FRACK? I had gone to brunch earlier that day and indulged myself with eggs benedict, but with NO hollandaise, and skillet-fried potatoes. And I THOUGHT I was being good. Then, I had 2 bloody marys and a mimosa…because why not? They were 3 bucks and I wanted them! While I enjoyed them thoroughly, my points did NOT. Seeing what I was left with encouraged me to run. Had I not done that, and just said whatever to them and went on with my day? I probably would have eaten a LOT more, and definitely not have gone for a run. My plan was to do NOTHING that day except lay on the couch, watch sappy romance movies all day (yea right, like Joey would have allowed that..haha) and just RELAX. Funny thing is…I DID relax, and it felt MUCH more rewarding after a nice 3 mile run. Sometimes writing down what you eat can be what triggers a motivational run, or just encourages you to SLOW DOWN. Perhaps while writing it down you can add the calories, and that may encourage you to eat a banana instead of another handful of chips…whatever it does, it will definitely encourage you in some way. Even if it’s just to promise yourself to do better tomorrow, it counts.

I think this is long enough considering I’ve already written a post that is lost in the internet world now. :(


P.S. Thanks again new readers!

P.P.S. I will try to update on Wednesday with my weigh in results, however I will not be attending my normal Weigh In since I have to work, but I MAY just hold off on weighing in until Thursday. Until then!


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