Stories from the “not-so-friendly” scale

As one of you out there, in the Internet world who reads idly by, may have known I had weigh in on Wednesday. Judging by my not so eager post about it, I obviously did not do great. However, I didn’t do terribly either. I gained .8, but so what? I also had Aunt Flow come to town last night, so that is most likely the cause of my notevengain. I’m not even close to upset about it, but it certainly wasn’t something I was ready to brag about.
Remember how I said my measurements and my before/after shots would encourage me no matter what the scale said? They really did. Another reason I wish I had taken those measurement and pictures in the beginning. It used to be that if I even gained .2 I would be ready to give up and say “fuckkkk this!”. Now I can just roll with the punches because I know for a fact that I have improved. No .8causedbyfluidandbloating can erase that truth.
Usually with a gain I would completely let it deter me and stop me from pushing forward, at least for a day or two. But I got up yesterday, ran 3 miles, and walked 2.5 miles. I had an Herbalife protein shake for breakfast, a salad for lunch, another shake for a midday/before class snack, and then when I got home from class I had another salad, and some left overs from a weight watchers Cheesy Chili Mac recipe. I had gained 16 activity points from running, and I also had 11 daily points left over for the day. I would say that .8 gain can suck it!
On the topic of HerbAlife. If you so happen to have any place in your town that has the name “Nutrition” in the name, for instance the place I go to is Bear Nutrition… There’s quite a few places where I’m from and they’re called Nutrition Station, Nutrition Retreat, Limestone Nutrition etc. they’re all herbAlife businesses. They don’t try to sell you anything, although sometimes its a little hinted, but on your first visit your shake, tea, and aloe are free. You fill out a little sheet that has a few questions about yourself, and you order a delicious shake (literally tastes like a milkshake) out of 117 different flavors (at least at mine) that range anywhere from a fruit flavor, to chocolate covered popcorn! They are SO good, all under 250 calories, awesome before or after a workout, and the tea is for energy, aloe shot for digestion. I by no means sell herbAlife or ever wish to, but their products are pretty awesome. I just love stopping in after a run, and especially before class for a little pick me up. They’re awesome for filling up and just plain delicious.
Anyways…I’m glad I’m posting even though I’ve had a gain, and I hope next week the scale says differently. But like this week, I won’t let it stop me if it doesn’t!
Also, I have had even more traffic lately on my little part of the Internet, and I just want to say welcome new readers!


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