Time for Some Personality

For those of you who are reading my blog for the first time this is probably the best post to do so! I’ve been exploring the blogosphere as of late and have some across some pretty motivational/interesting blogs and have become inspired to share more about myself and my life. I started this blog thinking I was going to partake in the Juice Cleanse, and if any of you have scrolled back to the beginning, you know how well that worked. No you all may know me as the Weight Watchers girl who is on a journey to lose weight. In the beginning I aspired to lose 100 lbs, and after joining WW I learned that I only needed to lose about 89. Not too far off from 100, but a little less daunting. I’m currently 54 lbs in to it and fight every day to lose! I’m in my 11 months of being a member and every single month has been amazing. I have learned more about myself than I have EVER known in the past and have come to realize I’m a pretty awesome girl! I’m much less angry than I used to be. I find happiness in the simplest things. My life is so much more enjoyable since joining WW and I don’t know where I would be without them! So now that you know why I started my blog, how about getting to know some more about who I am?

For those of you who haven’t quite figured out, judging by my username, my name is Jessica. I live in the grand ol’ state of Delaware. You may not have heard of it. It’s that little teeny state on the East Coast jammed in by Maryland and Pennsylvania. Oh, and it’s pretty close to New York and New Jersey as well.

I’m 23 years old, a few weeks shy of 24. I have an amazing fiance, without whom my life would be 100% less joyful.


We live in a charming little house with our three beautiful little baby girls, Tinkerbell, GiGi, and Bobbie. If you think those are odd names for children don’t worry, they’re dogs. ;)


The one clearly trying to attack the picture taker is our fearless, tom boy, Bobbie the Jack Russel. She is our first little girl (before her there was a hamster, Bin Laden, “Binnie” for short, who passed on just a few months ago. No Bobbie did not eat him, although she made many attempts.) She waits patiently every morning for us to wake up and smother us with kisses, even if it means walking directly on our face. Her bobbed tail is not story behind her name, so don’t ask. We actually don’t really know why we started calling her Bobbie, but her real name is Roxy. I could go on for days about what an awesome addition she is in our lives, but I’ll save that for future posts.

That little black furball is our baby girl chihuahua Tinkerbell. Her smile, yes she literally smiles, brightens up our cloudiest day. She isn’t much for toys or bones, and she is quick to steal a snuggle when the other two aren’t looking (or fighting).Tinkerbell goes along with anything, and she is happiest when you’re rubbing her belly. She hasn’t a single enemy, and her protector from everything big and small is GiGi.

Bringing up the rear, the all white chihuahua, is little Miss GiGi. She’s a crazy diva. She hates the grass, getting her paws dirty, and is easily scared by just about everything. She pees/poops wherever she pleases, no matter how many times a day she is let outside. Her fur is the softest in the whole world, and she’s our darling sweet angel. Her arch nemesis is Bobbie, but they manage.

All 3 of our baby girls were strays at one point, and we feel like chose us to make a home with. Bobbie was out wandering the great state of Pennsylvania when she was picked up by two of our friends, who eventually gave her to us. Tinkerbell and GiGi were found by us running down a VERY busy highway in Delaware in September of 2011 (Happy 1 year baby girls!) and their hair was beyond ragged, they were infested with fleas, their nails were so long they had curled over, and they could not be happier to see us.

I literally could talk about my dogs for days and days, but I digress. More about me! I am currently attending Widener Law School in the Paralegal Program. I have an associates degree in Criminal Justice, and am hoping to one day attend law school to become a lawyer. I am a full time nanny who has just recently ended one year with an amazing family, where I cared for their darling 17 month old baby boy. My new school schedule just doesn’t compute with their busy schedule and they decided to put him in a daycare. I will be starting a new full time nanny position watching my 3 year old cousin, Ben, and his 2 older brothers tomorrow! They are actually my second cousins, but who’s counting? I will be putting the older boys on the bus in the morning and hanging out with my sweet Ben during the day.

Aside from being absolutely obsessed with my fiance and our three dogs there really isn’t too much else to my life. Of course Joey and I are close with mine and his parents, and we spend a GREAT deal of our weekends with at least one of our family members. Joey also play lead guitar in a local metal band, World Lost. You should check them out on facebook! We spend at least one friday or saturday a month at one of his shows and they’re always a good time. We love to go shopping at flea markets, take random trips to the beach, go running, meet up with friends, have date nights, and are just currently enjoying our time being in love and our lives before children. We will be spending a great deal of time in the next few months planning our wedding (!!!!!!) and I could not be more excited about it!

If you have any questions about me, or anything at all, feel free to ask! I’m excited to turn this blog into more than just a weight loss journey. :)




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