The Time to Eat Right…but not to track

I don’t want to be a total asshole, or ignorant of the fact that tracking is not the easiest chore to do. But, should it be a chore? How hard is it really to pull out your notebook/ww app/phone notepad/an actual notepad or whatever and write down what you ate? How hard is it to be accountable? I know for people who have NEVER tracked, AKA me before weight Watchers, it’s not very fun. But if you’ve already become accustomed to it? To say you don’t have time!? That’s what really bothers me. You don’t have TIME to write something down? You have time right now to be text messaging, so you have time to be tracking. You make time for other menial things during the day, your health should at least be something you give some TLC to.
I feel like there are just too many excuses coming from the people around me to not eat right. I get it. I get that you need to be ready to eat right. You need to be ready to change your whole lifestyle, and that’s hard. But once you know how, and you’ve done it, there should be no more excuses. During these 11 months I have gone off plan, of course. I have had days, weeks maybe even where I didn’t track or even try to eat well. But was that because I didn’t have time? Because I was sick? Because I was busy? On vacation? Um NO. It was simply because I didn’t feel like it. That’s not an excuse. Thats an “I’m being lazy and owning it”. When someone says to Me that they don’t have time to eat right I just want to laugh. I work full time, I go to school full time. I have homework, housework, three dogs to care for, a wedding to plan, and a fiancé to give my extra attention to. I somehow manage to also plan a menu for the week, track what I eat, workout and somewhere in there I also take showers and occasionally brush my hair. Everyday starts no later than 5am and usually doesn’t end until 9pm. (during the week that is). That means that I need to make sure my coffee is read to go, that I have two seconds to grab something for breakfast, AND pack a lunch. Maybe I’ll make it home before class to get something to eat, maybe I won’t. If Joey has something going on that night, it will be up to me to make dinner when I come home at 9. It’s not easy, it’s not fun all of the time, and it certainly is time consuming. But I find the time. Instead of coming home and plopping down in front of the tv, or just laying down, I do what needs to be done. I don’t have the time to NOT track.
There will most likely be more on this topic in the future but I just had to vent!
Do you known anyone who makes these ridiculous excuses? Do you make them? Why?


6 thoughts on “The Time to Eat Right…but not to track

  1. I am just starting back at WW for my second go around. I am only 3 days in, but the availability of the Android App has made tracking much easier. My first go round stopped “working” only when I stopped tracking. The program (and eating program) will work as long as you honestly work the progam!

    Great post.

    • Thanks for the feedback! Havin the app on my phone is definitely a HUGE help. I got the iPhone JUST So I could get the app because the one I had downloaded on my blackberry wouldn’t work. I’m so in love w WW and I know it def only works when you follow it!

  2. I’m about 25 pounds away from goal and I think j will track for the rest of my life. I use myfitnesspal and it literally takes me about 60 seconds to put it what I ate for the day. Whenever I don’t track its because I’m being lazy. By now I’m pretty good about knowing hoe many calories are in everything I eat, but unless I track and see a grand total at the end of the day, I’m pretty sure I would continue stuffing my mouth.

  3. Tracking is hardly a chore for me now. It’s pretty much second nature!

    I agree that it’s ridiculous the excuses people make, but we made them too otherwise we wouldn’t be on WW! Lol. It can get frustrating hearing the excuse though, because you do the program and make it work. But as I’ve learned, you can’t make anyone lose weight.

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