Poop Problems

Judging by the subject you may or may not have averted your eyes, and you may want to. So fair warning!
Do any of you have issues with weigh in days and NOT going número dos? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Today, I do! I usually have a salad the night before weigh in, I forgo my nightly skinny cow dessert, and I fill up on water before bed. Morning comes, Don’t drink my regular coffee because I don’t want to risk the chance of being up .2 due to my beverage! (I weigh in the mornings so it’s not too awful to wait until 9:30 to eat/drink). My coffee is probably what usually helps me to go regularly? So perhaps my not drinking it on weigh ins is what messes with me. Regardless, I just want to know if this is anyone else’s concern? Do you weigh in regardless of whether not you had a bowel movement? I still do, but there have been days I’ve gained a wee bit and have not gone to the rest room beforehand. I can’t help but think , would I have been down .2 or more if I had been able to go? Am I a little too preoccupied with my bowels!

Aside from my poop magic, do any of you have weekly rituals for weigh in? As far as what outfit you wear that day for weigh in, what you eat the night before, eating/drinking before weigh in?
I digress from this poop subject to bring you a lil sumthin sumthin!


This is me before/now! The left me is back from about DEC, I was two months into weight watchers and had prob lost about 13 lbs by then. The right photo was taken about a week ago. So much happier now!!!

I stayed the same this week. Still 199.4 but that’s better than seeing 200!


2 thoughts on “Poop Problems

  1. I hate it when my bowels are cooperating on weigh-in days! Haha. And I do have rituals! First, I NEVER wear jeans, it’s usually leggings or yoga pants. Second since my meeting is at 5:30pm I try to cut off my eating by 2:00pm.

    Yay for still being in Onederland!!

  2. Not only does the coffee help with digestion, but not drinking it causes withdrawal symptoms and one of them is constipation. It takes a few days to even a week of not drinking coffee to get back to normal.

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