Cha cha cha cha changes!

Hey y’all! How was your weekend? Mine was so outrageously productive that I deserve a pat on the back! Not to brag or anything, but we sure did get a LOT done. But first, I’d like to share a pretty awesome pic from Oktoberfest. This is me last year, and now:

Can you tell that the girl on the right is so much happier? Me too :)
Aside from a night of HEAVY drinking (I had three of those bad boys), where I prided myself in opting out of the potato salad and having a pork bratwurst with no roll (because those three beers were enough? Lol) we actually woke up quite early Saturday and started our day. First we took our dogbabies to the park and just them let play and bark. They spend the majority of their week days trapped in the kitchen (which is decently spacious) because it’s the only room besides our restrooms that is not carpet. They’ve already destroyed our entire house worth of carpet, and cost us lots of pretty pennies to bring it back to life, so they’re stuck in the kitchen. However, they had a blast and got to see some geese, their favorite flying creature.


Can you tell Bobbie is our fearless warrior?
After the park we dropped off our girls and headed on to the farmers market. We picked up some prunes (um delicious!), some wild blueberry oatmeal, a wig for Joey at a Halloween vendor table, and just enjoyed looking at all the cool stuff and people.

Yup, im marrying him.
We then headed to lunch at a Chinese buffet. Now, PRE weight watchers Chinese buffets were my joint! I have to say that now? Incredibly dissatisfying and really gross. I kept over thinking every bite and imagining each one sitting out for hours and hours. It didn’t help that more than one bite of my food was COLD. Once leaving there we decided to visit Joeys parents, which turned into a really nice and lengthy visit. I love just sitting over there and hanging out with his family. His older brother and new wife, also my awesome friend Amy, came over too. So the whole gang was there at one point! (Joey also has a little brother Anthony, 23, and sister Angelina 15) Anthony has had some issues growing up, starting off not being alive when he was born, is that an oxymoron? Since he was a little kid hes had many more health and personal issues. However, hes an extremely nice, helpful, and kind individual. I love him like my own brother, and he definitely needs our help. With what hes had to go through he’s experienced some problems with the law, not graduating high school, and we’ve decided to take him under our wing. We had him come move in with us, finally cleaned out our guest room, and let him set up shop. Our goal is to help him take care of his legal problems, get him an ID, a job, and hopefully get him back into some type of schooling. Hes a big reason we were able to get so much accomplished this weekend as well.
Once deciding he would move in with us Joey and I decided to go out for sushi, since we hadn’t been in weeks, and it was SO GOOD. Anthony was waiting when we got home and we made plans for Sunday to get the room together and go grocery shopping.
Yesterday we got up nice and early and headed to the grocery store with our lists, and went our separate ways in the store. I swear we were in an out in less than 20 minutes, had meals for the whole week (thanks to ww!) and all the necessary miscellaneous items. Joey then went out with Anthony later on and got him a little night stand at a local yard sale, along with 5 sets of shutters! I wish I’d taken before/after pics because the difference is amazing! The nightstand was just a generic little wooden one with a drawer. We sanded it down and painted it a nice dark blue, and Joey cleaned off the shutter and spray painted them a dark brown. Our house is a light beige/brown so I works out nicely. When we moved in the shutters were all missing, so it makes a HUGE difference now having them. I set up the cable in Anthony’s room, he finished his laundry, and then I headed out for a run.
I then made a DELICIOUS dinner of Mexican Beef over Polenta, but I used extra lean ground turkey instead.

So yummy! And only 7 points!
Another HUGE accomplishment for me was fixing my laptop! I am no where near close to being a computer wiz. I can do menial tasks like Facebook, writing paper, the usual. Not fixing. However, hell hath not fury like a woman scorned (and having a huge assignment due Tuesday). A couple weeks ago I noticed my BRAND NEW computer going a little haywire. Then this past week it just lost its mind. After a lot of google searches, spending 40 bucks on an anti virus program, downloading some free malware programs, restoring it back to August, it finally came back to life! I am super proud of myself for this, and it goes to show that a little determination, google, and an assignment goes a long way!
How was your weekend? I hope you found time to relax!


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