Yup! I did it!

I actually stuck to my plan yesterday and accomplished a 2.6 mi walk, a 6 mi run, stayed on plan with eating, and made a healthy dinner, Skillet Pork and Cabbage. It was quite delicious although the picture for it does not look appetizing whatsoever. I really enjoyed it and I got to use up ALMOST all of the red cabbage we had. I guess that’s what you get when you let your fiancé know you need a small bag of shredded red cabbage for Baja Style Fish Tacos , hell come back with a 4 1/2 lb head of it!
My plan is to walk today with my little guy, I hope to still do that but he’s thrown up twice today and now has the runs. However, he’s in high spirits and were still going to swim lessons so as long as they go well I will go on my walk!
My big man, however, took the day off to go see a doctor. Hes been having dizzy spells lately and were not sure of the cause. It’s most likely due to low potassium or low blood sugar. Since we’ve started this weight loss journey neither of has took any vitamins, even though weight watchers recommends you do. Recently I began taking an iron supplement because I noticed I was losing hair and becoming very fatigued. I also reAlized that since joining ww I rarely eat red meat anymore, so my iron intake had been cut very low. I didn’t stop eating red meat on purpose it just sort of happened as I gravitated more towards leaner meats. Anyhow, I hope that they send Joey for bloodwork today to see what’s wrong and hopefully stop his dizzy spells.

(in the middl of writing this Joey called to say it’s a double ear infection and he has fluid build up in both ears. Hes been put on two allergy medicines, an antibiotic, and an anti nausea medicine. Hopefully he is better soon!)

Also, during the writing of this, it started storming and little Benny was taken to AI DuPont hospital. He hit his head pretty bad over the weekend and has one righteous lump the size of a golf ball on his head. We think that’s what’s causing his vomiting today so his mom took him in to get some tests for a concussion.
I may not be walking today after all since it’s storming it’s butt off, but I’ll certainly stay on track eating.
I am so happy I jumped back on the wagon because it’s a great ride to be on!


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