Running, Rolled Ankles, and a Cardiologist Appointment

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve last posted. I was on a roll there for a few days and after my big loss I just dropped off the planet, sort of.

These last few days I certainly was not perfectly on track, but I also didn’t do terrible. I ran Friday, and then we had a wedding to go to that night. I had the chicken, two drinks, and some candy. Not too badly. Especially for an open bar. I even denied the cake!

Saturday was okay. We debated on what to have for lunch for quite a while but ended up at the mall and got Suki Hana (japanese food) I got the honey grilled chicken, rice and veggies. And we split it! This is the first time I’ve EVER split my Suki! Suki is like a staple here in Delaware, everyone is obsessed once they try it. I haven’t had it in OVER a year, possibly even longer. I was very proud of us for splitting it too. Afterwards we hit up a pretty awesome Estate sale where I picked up a cute vintage Robbie Bee dress, a spice rack, and 3 casserole dishes for under 30 bucks. Then we hit up the farmers market for some hot chocolate mix and mini mini marshmallows from the Amish counter. (We made some last night: SO YUM)

Then we planned to have Joeys brother and his wife over. I cooked some Skinny Chimichangas, which I tried to post the link for but wordpress is being lame. However, they’re SUPER easy to make and SO delicious, so you should def google them! I also made a WW recipe for Beef and Cheese Nachos, hello yummm! I also drank 5 Angry Orchards, but they were so delicious and worth it.

Sunday was absolutely perfect because I let myself sleep in until 11. Something I haven’t done in SO LONG. I laid in bed and watched tv, and Joey even made me breakfast in bed! French Toast for 4 pts, perfection. And turkey bacon. He was so sweet to do that! Then I got up the motivation to write out a meal plan for the week for dinner and we hit up the grocery store. Once we got home and unloaded all the groceries I suited up for a 7 mi run. 3 mi in I rolled my ankle pretty terribly, but somehow made it through the next four miles! I sorely regretted it once I got home and couldn’t walk, but it feels much better today. I’m so stoked I was able to run and I’m pretty proud of myself for going 7! Thats the farthest yet. This half marathon isn’t looking so scary after all.

I made a WW recipe for Shrimp Pad Thai for dinner and it was delicious. That is probably one of my favorite recipes to make. It’s super easy and delicious.

Are you wondering why my post is lacking Mmph? Perhaps it’s because I’m trying not to throw up and I’m experiencing some pretty annoying chest pain. It’s been going on for about two weeks now and I finally made an appointment with my family doctor for today, who then sent me to a cardiologist. My appointment is at 3pm and I’m getting kind of nervous. I will have an update as soon as I know what’s up, but I hope it’s nothing. When it started two weeks ago it came on with a sudden stab in my chest on the left side. It knocked the wind out of me and I had to sit down. I was getting ready in the bathroom and it came on out of nowhere. The pain in my chest has been there ever since. It’s also been going down in my left arm. No clue what this means, but I certainly hope it’s nothing serious. The fact that I’ve been able to run is a sign it’s not heart related, but we want the cardiologist to rule that out for me.

Fingers and heart strings crossed!

Hope you all had a good weekend :)


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