Only .4

All I need today is to lose a measly .4! So what do I do last night? Stuff my face with low fat cheese and reduced fat crackers, and a few spoonfuls of full on fatty fat fat chocolate brownie ice cream. What the fuck?
In my defense dinner turned out TERRIBLY. I decided to try a pork chop marinade consisting of angry orchard hard cider, garlic, salt and pepper. In theory, it should have been delicious. In reality it was a full on failure. The dogs liked it at least! I also stuffed my face with Brussels sprouts if that counts for anything.
Not feeling like cooking another meal we just reached for our cheese and crackers and had a cathartic hour of going through our day and the future.
My birthday is this week and my good friend Lauren, from North Carolina, is coming to visit me! I haven’t seen her since I moved in 2009! (I lived in Wilmington, NC for two years in 2007-2009.) I am so excited she is coming! Joey has a show on my birthday, which kind of sucks, but at least we will be at the bar around our friends. My parents will be bringing a cake and ringing in the big 24 with me :).
Joey and I also got on the topic of what he was going to be getting me for my birthday. Now, let me preface this by saying he is a TRUE man when it comes to buying gifts. Unless its explicitly written out for him, he blanks. Which is fine! But unless I specifically say what I need and where to find it, he’s lost. However, for my graduation present he did pick out a gorgeous Michael Kors watch all on his own :). So, this year, since I haven’t laid out a blue print of ideas he blanked. And he honestly thought handing me a literal bag of money was going to suffice.
You may think “what kind of girl doesn’t want a bag of money!?!?” I think what I enjoy most on my birthday gift-wise, is the thought. I like to picture him out in the mall looking around, or remembering something I may have said I liked a while ago…but that’s all for the movies! (Now I have had boyfriends who shopped this way, but they lacked in just about every single department.) So when he said he was thinking of giving me a bag of money I Almost choked on a brownie piece. I REALLY thought he was kidding, but by the complete confusion on his sweet face as to why I wouldn’t be jumping for joy at a bag of money kind of leads me to believe he truly thought it was a great idea. So I made a deal with him. I told him to keep his bag of money, and he can instead take me shopping for new clothes. I’m happily too small for almost everything I own right now, and this way Joey can help me pick out some new duds and were all happy!
I figured I’ve got everything I could possibly want. He freakin asked me to marry him this year and handed over a GORGEOUS rock, so honestly what more can I ask for? Apparently new clothes haha. Either way, bags full of clothes to me are always better than a bag full of money.

Ill be updating again today I’m sure after weigh in. Wish me luck on that .4 to get me to 60 lbs lost!


3 thoughts on “Only .4

      • I am well familiar with gains when I “needed” losses big or small. You are down 59 pounds, you are doing awesome! Stay the course and keep going. Enjoy your birthday this weekend but try and get some exercise in even if its walks. Have a great weekend.

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