+ 0.6

UGH! All I needed to do was lose .4 and I GAINED .6! Wtf! Now I have a whole pound to go before hitting 60 :( . This weekend is my birthday, so seeing 60 lbs lost probably won’t have a chance next week. My friend is flying in tomorrow, so I most likely wont be running this weekend. And my eating def won’t be fantastic. Especially since last night Joey took me out to an early birthday dinner and I ate SO terribly. First we sat around for about 2 hours before picking Famous Dave’s. I know, I know. But I just can’t resist some good BBQ! I ordered what I always order, the two meat combo, and managed to eat the ENTIRE thing (sans the bread), which I don’t think I’ve ever done! I then made Joey stop for Dairy Queen (bad idea number 2) and got a medium banana cream pie blizzard. So delicious! However, I immediately regretted it upon opening my eyes this morning. I’m gonna be completely on track all day today, and shoot for being on plan tomorrow.
I plan on running tomorrow morning. Joey and I both have off and I have the stress test (for my chest pain) at the cardiologist at 11, then picking up my Halloween costume at noon, and then will leave for the airport around 2:30. I PLAN on waking up by 7, running a good 4-5 miles, then showering and going for my test. A good run always motivates me to stay on track.
Then Saturday (my birthday!) I will try to squeeze in a short run, I’m not sure how long my friend will sleep in or if she does at all, so if I can run before she wakes up that would be good. Then I will stay on plan for the day, and enjoy my birthday that night! My parents are bringing cake to the bar that Joeys show is at and I’ve invited a few friends, so it should be a decent time. And since ill be around a ton of people, ill probably stick to one slice, especially since I’m not a huge cake eater. Then Sunday is when my friend leaves, so we will take her to the airport in the afternoon, and go clothes shopping!
I really am going to do my best to stay on plan this weekend, and I truly hope I can. I so do not want to gain next week. I figure if I squeeze in my runs I will be fine, and ill try to run again Monday night after class, although it will be 9pm! Perhaps I can sneak it in between 330 and 5 which is the time between getting off work and having to leave for class. I just need to plan!
Hell, I may even run tonight after class!
I feel so disgusting today. I was literally shoveling food in my mouth last night and it was the first time I’ve been able to eat without feeling guilty while eating. But my guilt is surely making up for the lack of it last night!
I will try to stick to salads this weekend and lots of veggies and fruit and water water water!
I obviously need a ton of motivation this weekend guys so please send all your lucky vibes my way! It can be your birthday present to me ;)
Have a good weekend ya’ll!


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