Don’t Ask Why

Remember last week when I said that I was gonna push start myself into being perfect get back on track? Yea. That didn’t happen, at all. I started faltering quite early on, and by the time Hurricane Sandy was nearing? There was no way her wind could pick my large ass up! I mean it. I honestly just kept eating, and eating, and eating. Let me take you on my Hansel and Gretyl trail.
Wednesday: Joey took me to dinner at Famous Dave’s. that’s all I have to say about that.
Thursday: I’m pretty sure I ate a decent sized steak and almost an entire prepared box of au gratin potatoes. Yup.
Friday: (supposed to be my stress echo day and they canceled it. So that’s awesome) I picked up my friend Lauren who was staying with me for the weekend and she was hungry, so naturally we grabbed chik-fil-a, something I haven’t freakin had in almost two years! Ugh. So good though. Then that night we got sushi, and I binged hard.
Saturday (my birthday): I was pretty good with breakfast. I really don’t remember much of lunch time, seeing as how we didnt leave the house until 3. (I think I got a 7g of fat or less hoagie from Wawa and some baked chips. Don’t quote me on that). When we got back from running Girly errands and shopping for Halloween costumes Joey greeted us with a full banana cream pie cheesecake from The Cheesecake Factory. Ugh. I knew he was going to get cheesecake, and I specifically asked him to please just get me a SLICE. Whoops! So I had a slice of that. Then we went out to the bar and I had a couple beers, some wings, some fries, some chocolate cake, some nachos, some mozzarella sticks. I mean WTF! Then came back home and ate another slice of cheesecake.
Sunday: ugh. Can I stop now? We took Lauren back to the airport in Philly and we HAD to get her a Philly cheesesteak, because you can’t come to Philly and NOT get one. So of course we all had one. Once we got back home we cleaned and prepared for the storm. We had a plan to head to my parents the following day so we went shopping for different things like water and regular stuff. I didn’t want to stock up on canned goods incase it wasn’t a natural disaster, and nothing good comes in a can. (I realized during this preparation that it would totally suck for a ww member to have to live during a Zombie apocalypse). Once we got back from shopping we packed our stuff up and i decided to be a good WW member and make a HUGE pot of Turkey Bean and Vegetable Chili.

So delicious, btw, and only 5 points. I’ve made it a few times. You can find it on the WW website.
Now. I made this so that wed have something healthy to eat at my parents.
So obviously I wasn’t going to eat it that night for dinner…but I should have. For dinner we ordered Chinese food! Please punch me now. All you need to know is I ate EVERYTHING I ORDERED, which I don’t think has ever happened. I’m pretty sure I passed out in a food coma later.

Monday: You thought Saturday was bad? Then you’ve never been to my parents house. Where my mom lives. Holy crap. I ate two, maybe three bowls of chili. Then my mom decided to make dinner. Why? Who effing knows. She made. A GIGANTIC pot of noodles. Like army size big. And her delicious sausage and fat filled spaghetti sauce that she knows I cannot resist. I had three bowls of that too. Oh, and remember the chocolate cake from Saturday? I had three slices. Plus whatever snacks I could find. I literally had to put myself to bed that night just so I would stop gorging my self.

Then Tuesday came. Sweet, glorious, wonderful Tuesday. By this point I’m sure you all can imagine that I did NOT have any plans of going to WW the next day so I could have just kept on eating. But something woke me up on Tuesday. And the eating stopped. My mom made her famous larger than life breakfast. Pancakes, scrapple, sausage, eggs, and who else knows because I DIDN’T EAT IT! She was highly annoyed at me for doing this and referred to me as “Eric”, my older brother who lives with them and literally goes out of his way NOT to eat what she cooks and instead will make or order something else EVERY DAY. He’s an asshole. I was just trying not to be fat. I had packed myself cream of wheat and decided to Have that with some fat free milk. It was delicious!
Later on we headed back home, because oh btw Sandy didn’t really affect us. We got home to find that everything was fine and the power never went out. We started unpacking and took out chicken breasts for dinner. While I was being lazy watching TV Joey came in and said he was “bored” and that he wanted to go to the gym. I immediately wanted to hide my face in shame. Hearing about the gym just makes me want to crawl up in to a little ball. I HATE the gym. But it kick started me. Once he called and found out they were open we geared up and headed over. I ran a decent 5k (I haven’t run in WEEKS so I was surprised at myself, and no chest pain!) Once we got back I made some grilled chicken sandwiches with broccoli and tomato soup on the side. Perfection :)
And yesterday continued with more perfection as far as eating. I even ran 3.5 miles after work. We had plans to see the band Foxy Shazam at the TLA in Philly which I was honestly a little worried about. But! I cooked some unbelievably delicious pork chops before we left and I packed a clif bar and some crackers for snacks. At the TLA all I had was a diet coke. We even had to pass a dozen cheesesteak shops. But we prevailed! When we got home around 11:30 I was hungry but I just had about 2oz of some ham and went to bed.
Today I will be resting from running as my legs and lower back are extremely sore. I have work and class today so there wouldn’t be much room anyhow.
I feel like my booty is OFFICIALLY back in gear and I’m ready to tackle this weekend and have a great weigh in next Wednesday!
Hope you all faired well in the wrath if Sandy and with food. :)

Side note: Sandy did affect hundreds of other families across the eastern coast. Especially in New York and parts of Southern Delaware (we live in Northern DE) many people lost their homes, beach houses, pets, loved ones, cars, and countless other precious items. Thank goodness it was only a Category 1 and that it turned into a Tropical Storm after it made land fall. My heart goes out to anyone who may have been affected and I hope you can recover at least some of your losses. My heart especially goes out to those who may have lost their lives or any pets. I can’t imagine the pain you may be experiencing and I send my condolences.


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