Skinny Wishes Wednesday

Today is the first Wednesday back to weighing in since my .6 gain. I have 1 pound to lose to hit 60 lost and I’m really hoping I hit it today. I was good all week long and drank copious amounts of water. I will admit that I did not track at all, but I was extremely conscious of what I ate. We went out to eat Saturday and Sunday, Mexican and Sushi, however I didn’t even come close to eating the amount of sushi I normally do. I think I had two rolls, and two cups of miso soup. I did of course have some shrimp fried rice, but seriously compared to what I usually inhale when we have sushi I ate like a mouse. And for Mexican, I’m pretty sure that was the first time I didn’t have a margarita with my shrimp quesadilla! I love this Mexican place we go to. It’s SO fresh, my quesadilla isn’t drenched in grease and oil, and it’s just filled with vegetables and shrimp. It’s not caked in cheese and gunk. I also like how all the sour cream and guacamole is on the side so I can add it if I choose.
Every other night we cooked and had leftovers for lunch. I know I should’ve tracked but I was honestly just lazy about it.
What stinks is because I didn’t track, I can’t be sure of what my weigh in will be.
I did run 4 times this passed week which is phenomenal. I’m very hopeful today, but you never know.
I’m afraid of where a gain will set me in terms of my thought process. I so easily let it get me down its insane. I don’t even know why at this point because I know what to do to NOT gain and I know how to lose. I know I only need 14 more pounds until my personal goal weight is reached, 30 more for weight watchers appointed goal, so I’m not longer 90 pounds away and it’s a lot less daunting, but it doesn’t mean I have more room to fuck up.
So send me your skinny wishes for today if you read this before 9am eastern time!

In other news, OBAMA WON!
That’s really all I’m going to say about that since I’m not extremely political; however, I do appreciate good character, morals, and being able to trust someone. Mitt Romney just seems like a giant tool shed and that’s not who I want helping to run this country.
End digression.

Hope you all had a fantastic week. Ill update soon regarding my weigh in!


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