Skinny Snowman Challenge!

Today is the official start of the Skinny Snowman Challenge from Brooke Not On a Diet! I am so excited to have this motivate me for the next month and stay on track through Christmas. I just printed out my points chart, and I’m working on some of the first challenges.

Here is a link to Brooke’s blog and the Skinny Snowman Challenge for any of you that may want to check it out. The sign up for it is closed, but I’m sure you could still participate for yourselves to stay motivated through the Holidays.

I have a walk planned with a friend in a few minutes, I’m sipping on my water, veggies planned for each meal, I will have to go out today to get some fruit since we’re all out, and I’ll write my positives down at the end of the day.

I think the hardest thing for me this week is going to be logging my food. I have been SUPER slacking on tracking with Weight Watchers these last few weeks. I’ve managed to continue to lose weight, but I just can’t seem to actually track. Once I get through this week I think I’ll be back on board with it.

Meatless Mondays will also be a challenge for me, but I’m sure I’ll prevail.

This whole challenge is going to be really awesome because it will force me to try new things, get back into challenging myself, and hopefully by Christmas I’ll be less than I am now :)

Thank you, Brooke, for making this challenge! The last I saw you were at over 100 participants, which is INCREDIBLE. I can’t wait to start working on this challenge with you.


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