Will I even become a consistent blogger?

It sure has been awhile…AGAIN. So much has happened in these passing months and I can’t believe I didnt document a single lick of it.

I don’t know where I was at weight wise the last time I posted. But for my own sake I should update on it exactly: As of last wednesday I am down 69.6 lbs, and weighing in at 184. From people who don’t know my weight but know I’ve been losing, are always shocked to hear when I’m in the 180s. Which is definitely a good thing! They always think I’m at LEAST 160…which is 5 lbs PASSED my goal. If I look that thin now I’m worried to think of what I’ll look like at goal. ;)

Aside from that, I know my last post in here was not happy, happy, happy (for all you Duck Dynasty lovers like myself!) but so much stress has been relieved since then. I completed my very first Half Marathon on March 16, which brought me so much joy and relief. I had been so absolutely stressed that I wasn’t going to be able to finish, and it went off without a hitch. I could not have been more prepared for the race. I was constantly researching and training, so I don’t know why I was doubting myself so much. It seriously one of my biggest and greatest accomplishments so far. I plan to do another one this year, but that’s really on the back of my mind with a wedding to plan and all.

I also finished school. FOREVER. (until I get bored and decide I should go back…whomp whomp). But yes, as of 8 days ago, I AM DONEZO. It is so strange to wake up and not have to worry about the next assignment due. Or getting off work and being able to just GO HOME. Even though it was only 9 months ago when I decided to get my paralegal certificate at Widener University, that feels like a lifetime ago. As my last post informed you, I have been in school basically my entire life. When I graduated with my associate’s last year I had no plans of going further…but then I did. However, right now I am so happy with my educational efforts so far and I hope to have a paralegal position after the wedding in September. Right now I’m entirely too lucky to be able to stay with Zane and work full time 3 days a week, leaving ample time to take care of wedding and miscellaneous stuff. However, I am entirely ready to start my career.

This year has brought so many changes to my life already. And more big changes to come. I hope to hit goal this year, only 19 more lbs to go. My name will be changed for crying out loud! I ran a freaking half marathon and completed school. I absolutely think 2013 is my favorite year so far. It’s crazy how things just fall into place, although getting to that place can sometimes feel suffocating and impossible.

I can’t even remember what had me so low when I posted last. I feel silly even reading that. But at the time I needed to vent and get it all out. I remember feeling so stressed about the wedding, thinking I had noone in my corner to help. Well, all of those people I didn’t think I had were there with me to help me say YES to the dress, to pick out their bridesmaid/maid of honor gowns, go cake tasting, and will be with me for many more events in the next few months. It all felt so unattainable a few months ago, and now it’s all happening.

With all of the stress I really got out of the WW game and just wasn’t really focused. I felt like I had already come so far and just wanted to take a break for a while. I did that after I had hit 40 lbs, and that lasted for about 4 months. I’m thankful that my friend Jules joined in March and she remotivated me. As of March 20th I’ve been back to weighing in weekly, and about two weeks after weighing in again I actually started tracking again and getting back on the WW wagon. I had gone back up to 194, and managed not to let that last long at all. Tomorrow is weigh in and I’m hoping to hit 70 lbs lost! I’ve been eating well, and exercising a ton this last week so I should have no problems losing the .4 I need to hit 70. I’ll be sure to update on that!

Sorry for the jumbled up mess that this post is, but I just am sitting here waiting for Zaney to wake up and wanted to write down a few things. :) Hope everyone is well!


I have got to stop disappearing…

I’m back! Again…

I can’t tell you all (you all…yea right ;) ) how often I think “I need to blog this!” “I should write in my blog about this.” “Ok. THIS is definitely going into the blog!” I just never conjure up the motivation to actually sit down and write it out. Between school, work, running and the rest of life’s daily chaos, writing in the blog just becomes another chore to me. But believe me, I can definitely sit down and read everyone’s posts all day long. In fact, it’s one of the first things I do when I wake up. Not joking. First I’ll peruse facebook, then instagram, and then move on to my favorite blogs to see if anyone has posted anything new. I do this with my morning coffee and it’s my little routine. I just can’t ever seem to fit writing my own blog in to it. However, I’m plenty caught up with homework and the boys I nanny are all sleeping, noone’s written any thing new in their blogs, so I’m free to write in mine. How about that?

Was that a long-winded enough explanation for why I’m writing today? 

Anyhow, since we last met I have gone up another lb. Last week I was up 1.2, in fact. I’m going to blame that 1.2 completely on water retention because I was basically the star pupil of Weight Watcher’s students last week. I got somewhere around 43 activity points, and tracked every single bite, lick and taste. BUT, I also tried spinning for the first time on Saturday, then I ran 6 miles on Sunday (first time in about 3 months running that distance), and then I did Body PUMP on Monday (also first time). By Tuesday I could not move. Could. Not. Move. I couldn’t really move comfortably again until about Friday. So, my gain on Wednesday was most certainly water. But, as per my old habits, my 1.2 gain got me down in the dumps. I had a hard time staying on track over the weekend, but I pulled it back together yesterday. I ran 7, and I cooked a healthy dinner. (Baja Style California Fish Tacos, 9 WW pts) and drank my water. I’m not working out again until Wednesday, where I plan on attending another Body PUMP at the Y with an old friend. 

As far as Body Pump…if you are planning on Weighing in shortly after taking that class, I suggest you don’t. I did it on a Monday and weighed in on a Wednesday, and was up 1.2. So now I’m going to plan to do it regularly on Wednesdays, that way my body has a week to get over any kind of gain. For the first few weeks I should look forward to my body feeling like death for a couple of days after each one. That’s a good thing! Right?

Don’t know what Body Pump is? It’s a whole body strength exercise class with weights. There’s no dancing, which I was very happy about, and nice loud music to get you pumped. You get to take a short break after each “move”, which I was also happy about. There’s an instructor at the front who (in my class) is VERY helpful and tells you exactly what to the entire way. She even gave an example of each move before we had to start a new one so that you wouldn’t be lost until half way through. I got there a bit early so that I could introduce myself to her and let her know I have NO clue what I’m doing. So she helped me gather all my equipment (that’s another cool thing, all the stuff you need besides water and a towel is there!) and then told me what weights I might want to use and helped me set up. She kept an eye on me through the class and I really felt welcomed. So far I’m pretty impressed. I have heard from numerous people that this class will get you nice and tone, and by the way I was feeling it all week I can definitely see why. I’m excited to go back on Wednesday, and I also plan on doing Spin again on Saturday.

Spin was AWESOME. I burned somewhere around 900 calories, and I actually didn’t feel horribly afterwards. Perhaps since I’m conditioned running wise I was okay to do Spinning, because it wasn’t as scary as people were telling me it was going to be. I was able to pull through the whole class and felt like I could have kept going. For anyone who’s never tried it: It’s basically a special kind of stationary bike, they look a bit different from the ones that are in the gym, and the handle bars are more like what would be on a bike, but more compact. Theres three different hand positions, just labeled One, Two and Three. Again there’s an instructor up front who will tell you what to do the whole way through, and very loud music. (The music in this class is the best because you are cycling through the music. So when the tempo goes up, you go faster, when it slows down so do you) The instructor will tell you when to rise up, and sit back down. The different hand positions kind of indicate how hard it is. One is the easiest, and is used when you’re sitting down, so your back is straightened. Two, you’re leaning down just a bit, and usually your butt is hovering over the seat. Three is when you’re completely hunched over and your butt is up. You use three to really push it “over a hill”, and go from two to one to come back down. All in all, I was impressed with this class and am excited to go back.

What is so cool about doing these classes is that I don’t feel inconvenienced by going to them. When I have to go to the gym to run I’m just groaning all over. Of course when it’s over I feel awesome, but getting to it is the worst. When I’m heading to these classes I feel excited, and I want to do them over and over. All week I was disappointed that I couldn’t go, and I totally planned on hitting up Spin on Saturday, but I was so exhausted I slept through the alarm twice. I slept through it again on Sunday. I did get to the gym Saturday but it was such a waste because I COULD NOT move. Body Pump REALLY kicked my ass into next week last week. I was SO tired and exhausted the entire week and I was getting worried I wouldn’t be able to do my long run yesterday, but I did! 

With the Half coming up I had started looking up different tips for beginners on training. I found tips all over from how to dress, what to eat the night before and morning of, a running schedule, and different energy supplements for the race day. (I heard GU was a good fuel so I picked some up on Sat at Dick’s. More on that later) I also read while doing my research that you should get into more conditioning activities, like weight training and cycling. That’s the main reason I decided to try out these classes. It makes sense too. Not only am I conditioning my body to run, I’m conditioning it all over to be completely fit. I was worried before signing up for my half that I’d let the nerves get the best of me and not be able to train. So far it’s looking good, though, and I’ve got about 7 more weeks to do so and I’m already up to running 7 miles. I will definitely be ready by race day! 

As for the GU. It’s essentially a fuel supplement that comes in a few different forms. I picked up on in a little packet that is sort of like a gel. It has all different flavors, even plain, and I picked up Mandarin Orange. It says on the pack that it will give you up to 1.5-2 hours of energy fuel, which is PERFECT for a Half. I also picked up the GU Chomps, which were basically rather large gummies. I picked those up in Watermelon and they were DELICIOUS. I haven’t tried the gel packet yet, but the Chomps I did use for my run yesterday. The serving size was 4 gummies, and I chewed them up before I started my run. I definitely could have run further yesterday, but I didn’t want to over exert myself. Joey also chewed some up before doing his work out, but he said he didn’t really notice a difference. However, he wasn’t really doing anything that would have required the GU. He did run 3 miles, but then did weight training. So I would definitely say the GU is mainly for distance running. I will definitely be picking up some more Chomps while I’m training and I’ll let ya know what I think about the gel form when I use it.

I also picked up some new running shoes this weekend. I had had the Nike Pegasus 28’s this whole time, and they definitely were worn out. I ran about 200+ miles on them, and that was just way too much. I picked up the new Nike Pegasus’, and I’m certainly IN love. They were like running on baby unicorn clouds for 7 miles. They’ll be nice and broken in by run day, so I’m very glad I picked them up now. 

I know that a while ago I had said I wanted this blog to be more about my diet and working out. Because my life is so much more than that. I hope to start actually blogging when I think to do it, so that I can have more on here than just running and weight watchers. They are such a huge part of my life right now, which is why they seem to be covering up my news feeds and Instagram, but I can’t help it! 

I’ll be back again Wednesday to let ya know how my Weigh in goes, sans body pump today. Hope you all have had a fabulous last few weeks and that anyone stumbling by got to learn something. :) 

Week 2 of Skinny Snowman

I will have to admit that I did not do as well with week 2 as I did in week 1. I did manage to hit quite a few goals, but I was really hoping Id be able to motivate myself enough to get the maximum amount of points for the week (450), which was 25 more than I did last week. However, I ended the week with 405. Not so bad, but not as great as I would have liked. 

Last night I let the demons entice me into ordering chinese food at 8pm. But, I am proud to say that I did not even eat half of my order of singapore noodles (the last time I ordered that I ate the ENTIRE container), and had 1 egg roll (which is terrible, yes) and half of a small order of hot and sour soup. Yesterday was a rough day for everyone, and I honestly think it was just emotional eating. I wasn’t hungry. I was bored.

Yesterday morning on our way to a friends funeral, we stopped for breakfast at Dunkin Donuts. Hate that place, by the way. I got a turkey sausage and egg white flat bread (6 points, I believe), and that was it. I didn’t eat again until around 4 pm. I shared a small seafood pasta dish with my friend at Big Fish, had a wedge salad which I shared with Joey and my friend, and then also ordered a side of steamed broccoli to get my veggie in. I must say I was incredibly proud of myself! But by 8, the food bug was after us again. We were in bed by 6:30…literally drained by the day. But we weren’t tired. I wish we had just fallen asleep because I’ve woken up today feeling greasy, run down, so tired, and absolutely disgusting. I can feel the chinese food all the way down to my toes. I feel extra jiggly today, and just plain FOUL. I need to remember this the next time we decide we’re “hungry”.

Today is meatless monday, and I will be starting my day off with egg whites and some kind of vegetable. I usually go home with the little man I nanny once his two brothers are on the bus, but today I’m going to stay at their house. I have NO fruit or veggies at my place right now, which means Benny and I will be headed to the grocery store once his brothers are off the bus. For dinner I have a recipe from the Meatless Monday website, enchiladas. They should be delicious! I am going to try to cook them before class tonight, we’ll see how that goes. 

I am in such a funk today, and I think a lot of it has to do with the chinese food. It’s crazy to think how food can do that to you. 

I had to explain to our friend yesterday why we couldn’t get pizza. Sure, I’ve eaten my fair share of “bad foods” over the year, but fast food like McDonalds and Wendy’s, and pizza are just not something I’ve tried since Weight Watchers…at least not regularly. I did have McDonalds ONCE, and I think pizza around a month after I started WW (and I pointed every bite!), and I know that if I decided to have regular delivery pizza now, my stomach would fall out of my butt! Joey makes an AMAZINGLY healthy and delicious pizza himself, so why have a greasy and disgusting one delivered, just to make my stomach turn a few minutes after indulging? That is why we opted for Big Fish, because I knew there were healthy options and portion sizes there. I knew I was better off making a healthy decision there than if we had decided to go to a pizza joint.

I still make bad food decisions pretty often. More often than I should. But I make healthier ones 10x as much. I never would have added a side of broccoli for 2.29 before. I never would have shared a pasta dish in my life. And ordering a salad instead of the Pumpkin Lobster Bisque? No way. Not only did I order the salad, but I SHARED IT. (it certainly wasn’t the healthiest salad…it had garlic ranch and gorgonzola cheese, but it was shared!)

I’m hoping for a good loss this week, but I don’t know if I’ll see one. I indulged one too many times this weekend, and if a gain happens…it happens. I had fun, I know where I made mistakes, and I can change them by starting on the right track today. 

That’s the great thing about WW..it’s never too late to start over. 

Running, Rolled Ankles, and a Cardiologist Appointment

I feel like it’s been forever since I’ve last posted. I was on a roll there for a few days and after my big loss I just dropped off the planet, sort of.

These last few days I certainly was not perfectly on track, but I also didn’t do terrible. I ran Friday, and then we had a wedding to go to that night. I had the chicken, two drinks, and some candy. Not too badly. Especially for an open bar. I even denied the cake!

Saturday was okay. We debated on what to have for lunch for quite a while but ended up at the mall and got Suki Hana (japanese food) I got the honey grilled chicken, rice and veggies. And we split it! This is the first time I’ve EVER split my Suki! Suki is like a staple here in Delaware, everyone is obsessed once they try it. I haven’t had it in OVER a year, possibly even longer. I was very proud of us for splitting it too. Afterwards we hit up a pretty awesome Estate sale where I picked up a cute vintage Robbie Bee dress, a spice rack, and 3 casserole dishes for under 30 bucks. Then we hit up the farmers market for some hot chocolate mix and mini mini marshmallows from the Amish counter. (We made some last night: SO YUM)

Then we planned to have Joeys brother and his wife over. I cooked some Skinny Chimichangas, which I tried to post the link for but wordpress is being lame. However, they’re SUPER easy to make and SO delicious, so you should def google them! I also made a WW recipe for Beef and Cheese Nachos, hello yummm! I also drank 5 Angry Orchards, but they were so delicious and worth it.

Sunday was absolutely perfect because I let myself sleep in until 11. Something I haven’t done in SO LONG. I laid in bed and watched tv, and Joey even made me breakfast in bed! French Toast for 4 pts, perfection. And turkey bacon. He was so sweet to do that! Then I got up the motivation to write out a meal plan for the week for dinner and we hit up the grocery store. Once we got home and unloaded all the groceries I suited up for a 7 mi run. 3 mi in I rolled my ankle pretty terribly, but somehow made it through the next four miles! I sorely regretted it once I got home and couldn’t walk, but it feels much better today. I’m so stoked I was able to run and I’m pretty proud of myself for going 7! Thats the farthest yet. This half marathon isn’t looking so scary after all.

I made a WW recipe for Shrimp Pad Thai for dinner and it was delicious. That is probably one of my favorite recipes to make. It’s super easy and delicious.

Are you wondering why my post is lacking Mmph? Perhaps it’s because I’m trying not to throw up and I’m experiencing some pretty annoying chest pain. It’s been going on for about two weeks now and I finally made an appointment with my family doctor for today, who then sent me to a cardiologist. My appointment is at 3pm and I’m getting kind of nervous. I will have an update as soon as I know what’s up, but I hope it’s nothing. When it started two weeks ago it came on with a sudden stab in my chest on the left side. It knocked the wind out of me and I had to sit down. I was getting ready in the bathroom and it came on out of nowhere. The pain in my chest has been there ever since. It’s also been going down in my left arm. No clue what this means, but I certainly hope it’s nothing serious. The fact that I’ve been able to run is a sign it’s not heart related, but we want the cardiologist to rule that out for me.

Fingers and heart strings crossed!

Hope you all had a good weekend :)

Weigh-in Day

Can we just say WTF?

Do you recall all that crap I ate? Mexican food, huge margarita, Wawa gobbler, sushi? Do you recall me being okay with a gain and not being upset whatsoever?

So what do you think happened today?

Before we get to that story I’ll tell you how the morning went:
I was told to come in to work at 7:30, 90 minutes after my normal time. Upon getting there I am hit with a hurricane that is three boys not dressed, fed, or ready whatsoever. However, these boys are all troopers and perfect little angels…for the most part. So they rallied and got themselves, with some help from me, all together and on the bus in time. I did get my self in a small tizzy because it was like a whirlwind this morning with chasing them all and saying “Tie your shoes!” and giving a constant countdown. Lets just say I’m very happy that I’m normally there at 6am. It gives me a bit to sip my coffee and prepare for the morning before waking the troops and getting th day begun. Ben usually sleeps up until 7:30, the two older ones are usually fed and dressed by then, and everything just goes nice and smooth. All in all today was not starting out very great and I feared that that’s how the rest of my day was about to go.
Another stick in my side today was that my older, not alwayssoreliable brother, is coming over to install our dishwasher for us. He told us yesterday he’d be over at 11am to hit the hardware store with Joey to buy supplies. Then texted at 11 to say he’s changed it to 1pm, then still did not hear from him until almost 2 when I texted to say forget it. We did end up meeting him at Home Depot and planned for him to come to our house this morning at 9am. Well, on our little drive to weight watchers this morning, Ben and I decided to take a little detour passed my parents (where Eric currently resides) to see if he’d left yet, since it was 9am. He hadn’t. After my meeting, I decided to do another drive by. He still hadnt left. So I went inside. He was at least awake and drinking coffee, so i told him how much i did not appreciate his irresponsibility, especially since i paid him in advanc for the work. Once I was pulling out of the driveway so was he. Now I’m just ASSUMING he’s there installing it now and that I’ll be loading up my dishwasher tonight! Hopefully.
Amongst all of this disorganization, confusion, lateness, and sheer craziness, I was not foreseeing a good day AT ALL.
Want to see what changed it all?

How freakin awesome is that?
How could my day go wrong now? So what if I have class tonight, so what if the dishwasher isn’t installed, so what if Ben is cranky. So what! I managed to pull my shit together just in the nick of time an pulled off two pounds! Man does it feel good.
I can’t say that my hard work and determination is what did the trick, because those two were sorely slacking. But my good work from last week before the weekend, and my willingness to not let the bad weekend turn into a bad week altogether, is what did the trick. Perhaps.
Drinking all my water, eating lightly the last two days, and staying on track certainly saved me. I hope I’ve learned my lesson!

Yup! I did it!

I actually stuck to my plan yesterday and accomplished a 2.6 mi walk, a 6 mi run, stayed on plan with eating, and made a healthy dinner, Skillet Pork and Cabbage. It was quite delicious although the picture for it does not look appetizing whatsoever. I really enjoyed it and I got to use up ALMOST all of the red cabbage we had. I guess that’s what you get when you let your fiancé know you need a small bag of shredded red cabbage for Baja Style Fish Tacos , hell come back with a 4 1/2 lb head of it!
My plan is to walk today with my little guy, I hope to still do that but he’s thrown up twice today and now has the runs. However, he’s in high spirits and were still going to swim lessons so as long as they go well I will go on my walk!
My big man, however, took the day off to go see a doctor. Hes been having dizzy spells lately and were not sure of the cause. It’s most likely due to low potassium or low blood sugar. Since we’ve started this weight loss journey neither of has took any vitamins, even though weight watchers recommends you do. Recently I began taking an iron supplement because I noticed I was losing hair and becoming very fatigued. I also reAlized that since joining ww I rarely eat red meat anymore, so my iron intake had been cut very low. I didn’t stop eating red meat on purpose it just sort of happened as I gravitated more towards leaner meats. Anyhow, I hope that they send Joey for bloodwork today to see what’s wrong and hopefully stop his dizzy spells.

(in the middl of writing this Joey called to say it’s a double ear infection and he has fluid build up in both ears. Hes been put on two allergy medicines, an antibiotic, and an anti nausea medicine. Hopefully he is better soon!)

Also, during the writing of this, it started storming and little Benny was taken to AI DuPont hospital. He hit his head pretty bad over the weekend and has one righteous lump the size of a golf ball on his head. We think that’s what’s causing his vomiting today so his mom took him in to get some tests for a concussion.
I may not be walking today after all since it’s storming it’s butt off, but I’ll certainly stay on track eating.
I am so happy I jumped back on the wagon because it’s a great ride to be on!

Poop Problems

Judging by the subject you may or may not have averted your eyes, and you may want to. So fair warning!
Do any of you have issues with weigh in days and NOT going número dos? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Today, I do! I usually have a salad the night before weigh in, I forgo my nightly skinny cow dessert, and I fill up on water before bed. Morning comes, Don’t drink my regular coffee because I don’t want to risk the chance of being up .2 due to my beverage! (I weigh in the mornings so it’s not too awful to wait until 9:30 to eat/drink). My coffee is probably what usually helps me to go regularly? So perhaps my not drinking it on weigh ins is what messes with me. Regardless, I just want to know if this is anyone else’s concern? Do you weigh in regardless of whether not you had a bowel movement? I still do, but there have been days I’ve gained a wee bit and have not gone to the rest room beforehand. I can’t help but think , would I have been down .2 or more if I had been able to go? Am I a little too preoccupied with my bowels!

Aside from my poop magic, do any of you have weekly rituals for weigh in? As far as what outfit you wear that day for weigh in, what you eat the night before, eating/drinking before weigh in?
I digress from this poop subject to bring you a lil sumthin sumthin!


This is me before/now! The left me is back from about DEC, I was two months into weight watchers and had prob lost about 13 lbs by then. The right photo was taken about a week ago. So much happier now!!!

I stayed the same this week. Still 199.4 but that’s better than seeing 200!

The Time to Eat Right…but not to track

I don’t want to be a total asshole, or ignorant of the fact that tracking is not the easiest chore to do. But, should it be a chore? How hard is it really to pull out your notebook/ww app/phone notepad/an actual notepad or whatever and write down what you ate? How hard is it to be accountable? I know for people who have NEVER tracked, AKA me before weight Watchers, it’s not very fun. But if you’ve already become accustomed to it? To say you don’t have time!? That’s what really bothers me. You don’t have TIME to write something down? You have time right now to be text messaging, so you have time to be tracking. You make time for other menial things during the day, your health should at least be something you give some TLC to.
I feel like there are just too many excuses coming from the people around me to not eat right. I get it. I get that you need to be ready to eat right. You need to be ready to change your whole lifestyle, and that’s hard. But once you know how, and you’ve done it, there should be no more excuses. During these 11 months I have gone off plan, of course. I have had days, weeks maybe even where I didn’t track or even try to eat well. But was that because I didn’t have time? Because I was sick? Because I was busy? On vacation? Um NO. It was simply because I didn’t feel like it. That’s not an excuse. Thats an “I’m being lazy and owning it”. When someone says to Me that they don’t have time to eat right I just want to laugh. I work full time, I go to school full time. I have homework, housework, three dogs to care for, a wedding to plan, and a fiancé to give my extra attention to. I somehow manage to also plan a menu for the week, track what I eat, workout and somewhere in there I also take showers and occasionally brush my hair. Everyday starts no later than 5am and usually doesn’t end until 9pm. (during the week that is). That means that I need to make sure my coffee is read to go, that I have two seconds to grab something for breakfast, AND pack a lunch. Maybe I’ll make it home before class to get something to eat, maybe I won’t. If Joey has something going on that night, it will be up to me to make dinner when I come home at 9. It’s not easy, it’s not fun all of the time, and it certainly is time consuming. But I find the time. Instead of coming home and plopping down in front of the tv, or just laying down, I do what needs to be done. I don’t have the time to NOT track.
There will most likely be more on this topic in the future but I just had to vent!
Do you known anyone who makes these ridiculous excuses? Do you make them? Why?