I have got to stop disappearing…

I’m back! Again…

I can’t tell you all (you all…yea right ;) ) how often I think “I need to blog this!” “I should write in my blog about this.” “Ok. THIS is definitely going into the blog!” I just never conjure up the motivation to actually sit down and write it out. Between school, work, running and the rest of life’s daily chaos, writing in the blog just becomes another chore to me. But believe me, I can definitely sit down and read everyone’s posts all day long. In fact, it’s one of the first things I do when I wake up. Not joking. First I’ll peruse facebook, then instagram, and then move on to my favorite blogs to see if anyone has posted anything new. I do this with my morning coffee and it’s my little routine. I just can’t ever seem to fit writing my own blog in to it. However, I’m plenty caught up with homework and the boys I nanny are all sleeping, noone’s written any thing new in their blogs, so I’m free to write in mine. How about that?

Was that a long-winded enough explanation for why I’m writing today? 

Anyhow, since we last met I have gone up another lb. Last week I was up 1.2, in fact. I’m going to blame that 1.2 completely on water retention because I was basically the star pupil of Weight Watcher’s students last week. I got somewhere around 43 activity points, and tracked every single bite, lick and taste. BUT, I also tried spinning for the first time on Saturday, then I ran 6 miles on Sunday (first time in about 3 months running that distance), and then I did Body PUMP on Monday (also first time). By Tuesday I could not move. Could. Not. Move. I couldn’t really move comfortably again until about Friday. So, my gain on Wednesday was most certainly water. But, as per my old habits, my 1.2 gain got me down in the dumps. I had a hard time staying on track over the weekend, but I pulled it back together yesterday. I ran 7, and I cooked a healthy dinner. (Baja Style California Fish Tacos, 9 WW pts) and drank my water. I’m not working out again until Wednesday, where I plan on attending another Body PUMP at the Y with an old friend. 

As far as Body Pump…if you are planning on Weighing in shortly after taking that class, I suggest you don’t. I did it on a Monday and weighed in on a Wednesday, and was up 1.2. So now I’m going to plan to do it regularly on Wednesdays, that way my body has a week to get over any kind of gain. For the first few weeks I should look forward to my body feeling like death for a couple of days after each one. That’s a good thing! Right?

Don’t know what Body Pump is? It’s a whole body strength exercise class with weights. There’s no dancing, which I was very happy about, and nice loud music to get you pumped. You get to take a short break after each “move”, which I was also happy about. There’s an instructor at the front who (in my class) is VERY helpful and tells you exactly what to the entire way. She even gave an example of each move before we had to start a new one so that you wouldn’t be lost until half way through. I got there a bit early so that I could introduce myself to her and let her know I have NO clue what I’m doing. So she helped me gather all my equipment (that’s another cool thing, all the stuff you need besides water and a towel is there!) and then told me what weights I might want to use and helped me set up. She kept an eye on me through the class and I really felt welcomed. So far I’m pretty impressed. I have heard from numerous people that this class will get you nice and tone, and by the way I was feeling it all week I can definitely see why. I’m excited to go back on Wednesday, and I also plan on doing Spin again on Saturday.

Spin was AWESOME. I burned somewhere around 900 calories, and I actually didn’t feel horribly afterwards. Perhaps since I’m conditioned running wise I was okay to do Spinning, because it wasn’t as scary as people were telling me it was going to be. I was able to pull through the whole class and felt like I could have kept going. For anyone who’s never tried it: It’s basically a special kind of stationary bike, they look a bit different from the ones that are in the gym, and the handle bars are more like what would be on a bike, but more compact. Theres three different hand positions, just labeled One, Two and Three. Again there’s an instructor up front who will tell you what to do the whole way through, and very loud music. (The music in this class is the best because you are cycling through the music. So when the tempo goes up, you go faster, when it slows down so do you) The instructor will tell you when to rise up, and sit back down. The different hand positions kind of indicate how hard it is. One is the easiest, and is used when you’re sitting down, so your back is straightened. Two, you’re leaning down just a bit, and usually your butt is hovering over the seat. Three is when you’re completely hunched over and your butt is up. You use three to really push it “over a hill”, and go from two to one to come back down. All in all, I was impressed with this class and am excited to go back.

What is so cool about doing these classes is that I don’t feel inconvenienced by going to them. When I have to go to the gym to run I’m just groaning all over. Of course when it’s over I feel awesome, but getting to it is the worst. When I’m heading to these classes I feel excited, and I want to do them over and over. All week I was disappointed that I couldn’t go, and I totally planned on hitting up Spin on Saturday, but I was so exhausted I slept through the alarm twice. I slept through it again on Sunday. I did get to the gym Saturday but it was such a waste because I COULD NOT move. Body Pump REALLY kicked my ass into next week last week. I was SO tired and exhausted the entire week and I was getting worried I wouldn’t be able to do my long run yesterday, but I did! 

With the Half coming up I had started looking up different tips for beginners on training. I found tips all over from how to dress, what to eat the night before and morning of, a running schedule, and different energy supplements for the race day. (I heard GU was a good fuel so I picked some up on Sat at Dick’s. More on that later) I also read while doing my research that you should get into more conditioning activities, like weight training and cycling. That’s the main reason I decided to try out these classes. It makes sense too. Not only am I conditioning my body to run, I’m conditioning it all over to be completely fit. I was worried before signing up for my half that I’d let the nerves get the best of me and not be able to train. So far it’s looking good, though, and I’ve got about 7 more weeks to do so and I’m already up to running 7 miles. I will definitely be ready by race day! 

As for the GU. It’s essentially a fuel supplement that comes in a few different forms. I picked up on in a little packet that is sort of like a gel. It has all different flavors, even plain, and I picked up Mandarin Orange. It says on the pack that it will give you up to 1.5-2 hours of energy fuel, which is PERFECT for a Half. I also picked up the GU Chomps, which were basically rather large gummies. I picked those up in Watermelon and they were DELICIOUS. I haven’t tried the gel packet yet, but the Chomps I did use for my run yesterday. The serving size was 4 gummies, and I chewed them up before I started my run. I definitely could have run further yesterday, but I didn’t want to over exert myself. Joey also chewed some up before doing his work out, but he said he didn’t really notice a difference. However, he wasn’t really doing anything that would have required the GU. He did run 3 miles, but then did weight training. So I would definitely say the GU is mainly for distance running. I will definitely be picking up some more Chomps while I’m training and I’ll let ya know what I think about the gel form when I use it.

I also picked up some new running shoes this weekend. I had had the Nike Pegasus 28’s this whole time, and they definitely were worn out. I ran about 200+ miles on them, and that was just way too much. I picked up the new Nike Pegasus’, and I’m certainly IN love. They were like running on baby unicorn clouds for 7 miles. They’ll be nice and broken in by run day, so I’m very glad I picked them up now. 

I know that a while ago I had said I wanted this blog to be more about my diet and working out. Because my life is so much more than that. I hope to start actually blogging when I think to do it, so that I can have more on here than just running and weight watchers. They are such a huge part of my life right now, which is why they seem to be covering up my news feeds and Instagram, but I can’t help it! 

I’ll be back again Wednesday to let ya know how my Weigh in goes, sans body pump today. Hope you all have had a fabulous last few weeks and that anyone stumbling by got to learn something. :) 


Skinny Wishes Wednesday

Today is the first Wednesday back to weighing in since my .6 gain. I have 1 pound to lose to hit 60 lost and I’m really hoping I hit it today. I was good all week long and drank copious amounts of water. I will admit that I did not track at all, but I was extremely conscious of what I ate. We went out to eat Saturday and Sunday, Mexican and Sushi, however I didn’t even come close to eating the amount of sushi I normally do. I think I had two rolls, and two cups of miso soup. I did of course have some shrimp fried rice, but seriously compared to what I usually inhale when we have sushi I ate like a mouse. And for Mexican, I’m pretty sure that was the first time I didn’t have a margarita with my shrimp quesadilla! I love this Mexican place we go to. It’s SO fresh, my quesadilla isn’t drenched in grease and oil, and it’s just filled with vegetables and shrimp. It’s not caked in cheese and gunk. I also like how all the sour cream and guacamole is on the side so I can add it if I choose.
Every other night we cooked and had leftovers for lunch. I know I should’ve tracked but I was honestly just lazy about it.
What stinks is because I didn’t track, I can’t be sure of what my weigh in will be.
I did run 4 times this passed week which is phenomenal. I’m very hopeful today, but you never know.
I’m afraid of where a gain will set me in terms of my thought process. I so easily let it get me down its insane. I don’t even know why at this point because I know what to do to NOT gain and I know how to lose. I know I only need 14 more pounds until my personal goal weight is reached, 30 more for weight watchers appointed goal, so I’m not longer 90 pounds away and it’s a lot less daunting, but it doesn’t mean I have more room to fuck up.
So send me your skinny wishes for today if you read this before 9am eastern time!

In other news, OBAMA WON!
That’s really all I’m going to say about that since I’m not extremely political; however, I do appreciate good character, morals, and being able to trust someone. Mitt Romney just seems like a giant tool shed and that’s not who I want helping to run this country.
End digression.

Hope you all had a fantastic week. Ill update soon regarding my weigh in!

Weigh in Day!?

Nervousness is really setting in today. I usually wake up excited on my Weigh in Days. The last 3, including today, I have been scared of the scales. I’m afraid that they’re going to ruin my day. I’m petrified I’m going to be above 200 again. One would think that that fear would drive me to do better and to stay on track. In my case it seems to have done the opposite.
I finished my day yesterday pretty well. I took two clementines and a 0% fat strawberry fage Greek yogurt to class with me, plus filled my big cup of water there twice. Joey brought home and had a salad works salad waiting for me. It was a create your own salad consisting of egg whites, grilled chicken, ham, little avocado, sundries tomato, tomato, and obviously mixed greens. I had light ranch for dressing, and I did eat part of my wheat roll that came with it, the other half went to Bobbie. I topped off the night with something I typically don’t do nights before weigh in and had some fat free chocolate ice cream with fat free and sugar free caramel syrup, and walnuts. It was a perfect ending to a long day.

Something that really freaked me out yesterday was that I had 3 sharp chest pains again. When this chest pain began 3 weeks ago it started after I had this shocking pain in my upper left chest. I’ve had these pains in the past since I was a teenager. I used to associate them with drinking too many mountain dews, or eating too much salt. When I began weight watchers and started working out they went away for the most part. I may have had one the entire 11 months on weight watchers. Then 3 weeks ago one came on STRONG, and left that residual pain that subsided after two weeks. Then two days ago I had another, this time the pain did not reside. Yesterday it happened in the morning, then while I was in class, and again on my drive home from class while I was on the phone with my mom. The third time I just broke down into tears. I may have been slightly dramatic but I said “If I drop dead suddenly PLEASE make sure they perform an autopsy and make them figure out what the fuck is happening!” She calmed me down and told me that if I’m really scared I need to stop googling my diagnoses and go see a real specialist. Before I spoke with her I did leave a voicemail at a pulmonary doctors office, but since I’m a new patient I will have to wait two business days to hear back. We shall see.
It’s not like I WANT something to be wrong. And who knows, these chest shocks could all just be precordial catch syndrome something thats very common. Who knows! Hopefully the doctors call back ASAP for an appointment.

I got kind of sidetracked in the middle of writing this post due to getting the boys I watch ready for picture day at school and sending them off on the bus. In that time I also went to my weight watchers meeting! Doesn’t that little ! Always give it away?

I’m officially .4 away from hitting 60 pounds lost! I always love when I have a teeny goal to hit for the next week. It makes it so much more relaxing and easier to hit. Who knows what I’ll be sayin next Tuesday though. ;)

Today is also my 1 year anniversary on Weight Watchers, can you believe that? It’s been an entire year and I’ve stuck with it! I never quit, I never gave up. Sure, I had my lazy moments and my lazy days/weeks/months!!! But I never strayed completely. My meeting leader asked me today if my recent bump in weight loss is due to my impending wedding, and I had to answer truthfully. I don’t think it is. Sure, it’s in the back of my mind, but typically I’m a gigantic procrastinator so something being practically a year away does not get me worried until its about 3 months away. I’m sure I will hit a few hiccups along the way, and I will probably run into another plateau but I just have to run around it, literally. The pounds seem to be melting off right now, and I’m loving it! But I know that’s just a sign that it will stop falling off as quickly eventually. We shall see how this bumpy ride goes!

Happy Anniversary to WW and I!


Operation: Motivation

Not sure if its the continued chest pain, me catching an annoying cold, or just stress that has put a complete block on my motivation this week. I don’t think I’ve tracked once. I haven’t run since last Sunday when I did a 7 miler (awesome btw). I just have not really cared so much lately. I’m hoping once I knock out this decent sized assignment, that I HAVE started,  have for class due tomorrow and get through the rest of this week of class, I’ll feel better. Right now I am just constantly going, going, going that there’s virtually no time to run. But there’s always time to track, I just haven’t. I wish I could find my motivation button and click it on. It’s like a huge weight on my shoulders all day every day. I plan to get in a run on Friday when I have off work and school. I have the weekend off from babysitting as well so I shouldn’t have a problem staying on my run schedule.
I don’t have a clue what the scale will say tomorrow. I really didn’t do so terribly this past week. We cooked almost every night, except Friday and Saturday. However Friday we did pretty well considering we went out to my best friends going away gathering. I had predicted we could drink heavily since it was a decent sized social gathering in a bar, and that I’d eat terribly as a result of my drinking. However, the outcome was surprisingly opposite. We shared two appetizers of tuna medallions and chips and salsa. Then we stopped at a favorite Mexican joint on the way home and he got two chicken tacos and I ordered two tamales, which are probably one of the healthiest Mexican choices and a favorite! I had one Bloody Mary at my friends thing and one margarita at the Mexican joint. Then Saturday I didn’t really eat all day because I felt so awful (the start of my sore throat/cold), and then we went out for sushi that night. I know, sick and sushi don’t sound like they mix but it was perfect! I had 3 cups of miso soup, which soothed my throat. I also had a  salad, and I shared most of my sushi with Joe. But I also had some shrimp fried rice (also shared with Joe)! Whoops! After all of that our Sunday was good eating wise. A healthy breakfast and lunch, and then Italian sausage and sauerkraut in the crock pot for dinner.  Yum!
Last night I took the day off class and was able to get through the work day and came home and cooked a community weight watchers recipe favorite, bubbling pizza casserole. It’s so delicious! (recipe at the bottom)
Today has been decent so far. For breakfast I stopped and got a delicious HerbAlife Protein shake, the perky punch and aloe shot. For lunch I had leftovers from the casserole. This week for dinner we are trying to use up all of our leftovers! We have so many in the freezer. Tonight I believe we are having crab and corn bisque with a salad.
As far as “thin thinking” for this Tuesday, I’m not so hopeful. With being sick, not working out like I usually do, and not making all of the GREATEST food decisions I don’t want to assume I’m losing this week. Even though SOMEHOW after that horrible weekend of food a couple weeks ago I lost 2 lbs. Then last week I lost a pound. I’m kind of expecting a gain, as I have the last two weeks. Maybe it’ll kick my lazy ass into gear. I think since I’m out of my slump of sickness, and I’ve managed to get my homework mostly finished I will be able to get back on the WW-Wagon.
I have got to admit that I’m really disappointed in myself for getting off of my favorite ride but it only means that I’m human. This is a life long journey and there are going to be bumps in the road. However, it’s refreshing to remind myself that in the past if I were to have gotten sick I typically would given up entirely. And I mean ENTIRELY. For this being my first try with weight watchers, I think it’s pretty incredible in and of itself that I’ve even made it this far. Not to say it doesn’t happen for beginners, but as many meetings as I’ve been to and people that I’ve met, it doesn’t always work this way. So many of the people I have met or spoken with are only this journal for the umpteenth time, and it’s amazing that they keep coming back. That’s just a testament that the plan is ONLY going to work if you put the work in. WW members are determined m’fers!
I will update tomorrow at some point with my weigh in details. <3
RECIPE: Bubbling Pizza Casserole
1 lb Extra Lean Ground Turkey
1 tsp Italian Seasoning
1/2 tsp Basil
1 medium onion, diced
3 Garlic cloves, minced
1 green bell pepper, diced
16 oz Tomato Sauce, no salt added
14 oz can of diced tomatoes, no salt added
12 Reduced fat, refrigerated biscuits, quartered
About 2-3 Servings fat free mozzarella cheese
1. Preheat oven to 350 degrees F. Meanwhile, brown turkey in a saute pan on medium heat. Once browned add the rest of the ingredients except the biscuits. Let everything simmer for about 5 minutes, then carefully mix in the quartered biscuits. Spoon the mixture into a well greased 9×13 casserole dish and place in the oven uncovered for 25 minutes.
2. Top casserole with cheese evenly, then place back in the oven for another 10 minutes or until biscuits are done. Let cool for 5 minutes, then serve!
Makes approximately 8 servings, at 5 points a piece!

TIP: You can mess around with whatever toppings you would like to add. I’ve used turkey pepperoni, added mushrooms, black beans, etc. I’m sure whatever you love on a pizza would work well in this dish!


Hoping for the best

I’m hoping all of my thin thoughts paid off today. Im hoping to see a number less than 199.4 in my weight watchers booklet. I hope that I can glide through the day like I do on my “lose” days, that feeling is the best high. It’s better than any food high I’ve ever had.
I decided to point all that beer I had Friday night. And considering the amount, I’d say 40 points ain’t too bad. I def over pointed it too because if I had drank the entire contents of each liter it would have been 100, but I dumped out the last bit of each one due to it becoming warm. Perhaps it was only 36 points, who cares. Also, I didn’t eat all that day and I ran 6 miles. BEFOR YOU GET UPSET I didn’t TRY to not eat all day, it just happened. I was so busy, and a good chunk of the day was taken up with my hair appt so eating just never happened. I didn’t succumb to “beer munchies” so I think I did alright :). Saturday was okay. We did do that gross Chinese buffet but I didn’t even come close to being full because I could finish anything, and then I didn’t eat again until dinner that night which was miso soup, and 3 sushi rolls. One of which was a California roll. All in all, I don’t think I did as badly as I was worried I had. But I’m still worried that I didn’t lose. I hope that fear dissipates soon and I can just feel the sweet relief of SOMETHING lost.
Until 10am my friends!

I’m down 1.2 this week for a total of 55.4 and a current weight of 198.2!!! Woohoo!

Thin Thinking Tuesday

I think this is going to be my new motto. Not JUST for Tuesdays, but especially for them. As some of you may know, I weigh in on Wednesday mornings. Tuesday’s are generally a light eating kind of day, with a hearty salad for dinner. I try to not snack, drink lots and lots of water, and don’t have a skinny cow before bed like usual. (btw, if you haven’t tried them yet, you really need to pick up some skinny cow ice cream sandwiches. God sends!)
As some of you may also know I stayed the same last week. And do you recall the 3 gigantic beers I had Friday night? The sushi on Saturday, or how about the Mexican food I didn’t tell you about from Thursday? Yea, that all happened. But that stuff always happens. I tend to have sushi once every week, and generally one more night of eating out. That much beer though? Never! I legitimately put away about 90-100 fl oz of beer Friday. All in the name of Oktoberfest. Damned those Germans!
Every week has its ebbs and flows of good and bad. It’s RARE that a week goes by that we don’t eat out at least once, if we didn’t I might have given up on ww. Seriously. No joke after a good five days of eating great my body starts to go through some kind of withdrawal. Believe me, I know I could give up eating out if I REALLY TRIED, or choose more sensibly when I do. But NO. I’m telling you here and now that I don’t want to. And I shouldn’t have to. I should be able to thoroughly enjoy ONE meal a week without worrying about its points value, it’s fat content, it’s caloric abundance. I will say this, however, I do make much smarter choices than I ever used to. I frequently get vegetables as a side if they’re offered, I don’t eat the fries, I sometimes order a to go box with my entree and immediately place half of it away, I stop eating when I’m full, and I havent had a non-diet soda (aside from one at a wedding because they only had one diet option and it was some cherry cola, which I’m not a fan of. And I did point it, and learned that day that regular soda will NEVER be worth it) since I began WW.
My point in all of this is that I need something more than ever to keep me motivated and happy even when I don’t see the scale moving in my favor. I know it’s always better to maintain than gain, but you guys know better than anyone that it still doesn’t feel as awesome as losing. I may not lose this week, which would be a total bummer, but I need to be okay with it. My life is forever changed for the better, but I still get to enjoy so many things like I used to, except with a smarter head about it.
Do you guys have any things you tell yourselves when you gain/maintain that gets you through the week? Any routines?
I am planning on running tomorrow regardless of what the scale says. But it’s always harder for some reason when I’ve gained. When I lose I can just hit the road running and not have a care. Let’s hope I’m running carefree regardless tomorrow!

Poop Problems

Judging by the subject you may or may not have averted your eyes, and you may want to. So fair warning!
Do any of you have issues with weigh in days and NOT going número dos? Sometimes I do, sometimes I don’t. Today, I do! I usually have a salad the night before weigh in, I forgo my nightly skinny cow dessert, and I fill up on water before bed. Morning comes, Don’t drink my regular coffee because I don’t want to risk the chance of being up .2 due to my beverage! (I weigh in the mornings so it’s not too awful to wait until 9:30 to eat/drink). My coffee is probably what usually helps me to go regularly? So perhaps my not drinking it on weigh ins is what messes with me. Regardless, I just want to know if this is anyone else’s concern? Do you weigh in regardless of whether not you had a bowel movement? I still do, but there have been days I’ve gained a wee bit and have not gone to the rest room beforehand. I can’t help but think , would I have been down .2 or more if I had been able to go? Am I a little too preoccupied with my bowels!

Aside from my poop magic, do any of you have weekly rituals for weigh in? As far as what outfit you wear that day for weigh in, what you eat the night before, eating/drinking before weigh in?
I digress from this poop subject to bring you a lil sumthin sumthin!


This is me before/now! The left me is back from about DEC, I was two months into weight watchers and had prob lost about 13 lbs by then. The right photo was taken about a week ago. So much happier now!!!

I stayed the same this week. Still 199.4 but that’s better than seeing 200!

Ahhhh, sweet 19’s

Sorry I didn’t update yesterday with my weigh in news, just had a lot going on and kept telling myself to do it and also kept forgetting.
How’d I do? Amazing-ly! I was down 3.4 pounds, officially bringing me under 200 lbs! I have not been under 200 in 5 years people! Maybe even longer! This is a HUGEONGOUS deal and I am so effing ecstatic about it. Last week I had a gain, and I didn’t let it me down. I believe that played a part in my loss this week. Plus, as you all were unpleasantly aware of, I was close to being on my period. Therefore, I most likely retaining a ton of fluid.
I will not be expecting as large of a loss next week due to the fact that had I not been close to seeing Aunt Flow last week I probably would’ve been down a pound or so, and this week a pound or so.
Another big deal? I am training for a half marathon in December!!! I’m so excited and unbelievably nervous. I started training yesterday, and my amazing best friend who has run two herself, and is going to be running a MARATHON in November, wrote up a plan for training for me. She is absolutely incredible, by the way. She will be running the half with me, and staying with me the whole time :) how awesome is she? I am so lucky to have such a great friend.
Hopefully I can get down to goal weight, which is 164 lbs by January, and just continue my healthy lifestyle. I have 35 more lbs to go to get there….do the math and you get to know how much I weigh! I’m 5’6″-5’7″, relatively large in the chest department, and have a size 34 waist. I may weigh 199.4 lbs, but I think I look pretty awesome, even at this weight!
Okay I’m definitely rambling. Until next time my little internet babies!

Stories from the “not-so-friendly” scale

As one of you out there, in the Internet world who reads idly by, may have known I had weigh in on Wednesday. Judging by my not so eager post about it, I obviously did not do great. However, I didn’t do terribly either. I gained .8, but so what? I also had Aunt Flow come to town last night, so that is most likely the cause of my notevengain. I’m not even close to upset about it, but it certainly wasn’t something I was ready to brag about.
Remember how I said my measurements and my before/after shots would encourage me no matter what the scale said? They really did. Another reason I wish I had taken those measurement and pictures in the beginning. It used to be that if I even gained .2 I would be ready to give up and say “fuckkkk this!”. Now I can just roll with the punches because I know for a fact that I have improved. No .8causedbyfluidandbloating can erase that truth.
Usually with a gain I would completely let it deter me and stop me from pushing forward, at least for a day or two. But I got up yesterday, ran 3 miles, and walked 2.5 miles. I had an Herbalife protein shake for breakfast, a salad for lunch, another shake for a midday/before class snack, and then when I got home from class I had another salad, and some left overs from a weight watchers Cheesy Chili Mac recipe. I had gained 16 activity points from running, and I also had 11 daily points left over for the day. I would say that .8 gain can suck it!
On the topic of HerbAlife. If you so happen to have any place in your town that has the name “Nutrition” in the name, for instance the place I go to is Bear Nutrition… There’s quite a few places where I’m from and they’re called Nutrition Station, Nutrition Retreat, Limestone Nutrition etc. they’re all herbAlife businesses. They don’t try to sell you anything, although sometimes its a little hinted, but on your first visit your shake, tea, and aloe are free. You fill out a little sheet that has a few questions about yourself, and you order a delicious shake (literally tastes like a milkshake) out of 117 different flavors (at least at mine) that range anywhere from a fruit flavor, to chocolate covered popcorn! They are SO good, all under 250 calories, awesome before or after a workout, and the tea is for energy, aloe shot for digestion. I by no means sell herbAlife or ever wish to, but their products are pretty awesome. I just love stopping in after a run, and especially before class for a little pick me up. They’re awesome for filling up and just plain delicious.
Anyways…I’m glad I’m posting even though I’ve had a gain, and I hope next week the scale says differently. But like this week, I won’t let it stop me if it doesn’t!
Also, I have had even more traffic lately on my little part of the Internet, and I just want to say welcome new readers!

Progress Outside of the Scale

ERGH! I just wrote up a LONG post about my progress that I learned about this weekend, AND IT DELETED! So, I will start over, however I don’t think I have it in my to write another long post!

First and foremost, NEW READERS! WOOHOO! I have noticed an increase in traffic these last couple weeks and I definitely appreciate it! So, thank you readers! I hope you have been enjoying reading about my weight loss journey, and I hope my experience can help you in some way! Keep reading :)

Now, on to the post… One of my largest regrets since embarking on this weight loss journey has been that I never took measurements in the beginning, or before photos. I had always meant to, but just never got around to it. It took me 6 months to buy a measuring strip, and another 4 to even take them. Well, back in August, Joey and I finally got around to it. We did the measurements on August 4th, along with taking before shots. Last night we decided to check our measurements and to take progress shots. We are down a whopping 21 inches! I lost a total of 14 inches! (and a total of 10 lbs from August to September) Joey was down 7 inches, and his before shots to now show an INCREDIBLE difference, especially in the stomach and jawline. It’s astonishing to see such dramatic differences from last month to now, and it makes me sorely regret never doing this in the beginning, but what can ya do? I am unbelievably proud of Joey and myself for getting our shit together at the beginning of August, after almost two months of being kind of blaze about our weight loss.

Also this weekend, I definitely got a lesson in tracking and pointing. Even if you’re not on weight watchers, I have to encourage you to just simply write down everything you eat/drink (besides water). It keeps you accountable for your actions, and also provides some encouragement. I learned this after I got to 2pm on Sunday with a total of 2 points left for the whole day! WHAT THE FRACK? I had gone to brunch earlier that day and indulged myself with eggs benedict, but with NO hollandaise, and skillet-fried potatoes. And I THOUGHT I was being good. Then, I had 2 bloody marys and a mimosa…because why not? They were 3 bucks and I wanted them! While I enjoyed them thoroughly, my points did NOT. Seeing what I was left with encouraged me to run. Had I not done that, and just said whatever to them and went on with my day? I probably would have eaten a LOT more, and definitely not have gone for a run. My plan was to do NOTHING that day except lay on the couch, watch sappy romance movies all day (yea right, like Joey would have allowed that..haha) and just RELAX. Funny thing is…I DID relax, and it felt MUCH more rewarding after a nice 3 mile run. Sometimes writing down what you eat can be what triggers a motivational run, or just encourages you to SLOW DOWN. Perhaps while writing it down you can add the calories, and that may encourage you to eat a banana instead of another handful of chips…whatever it does, it will definitely encourage you in some way. Even if it’s just to promise yourself to do better tomorrow, it counts.

I think this is long enough considering I’ve already written a post that is lost in the internet world now. :(


P.S. Thanks again new readers!

P.P.S. I will try to update on Wednesday with my weigh in results, however I will not be attending my normal Weigh In since I have to work, but I MAY just hold off on weighing in until Thursday. Until then!